joyless / Press

“Not from a "popular" genre in the local underground scene, synth-pop and ambient music fans have had to take a backseat for too long a time, relying on "accidental" finds of records in stores”

Tone Magazine, Demo of the Month November 2000

“You'll probably get sick of hearing me say this, but "Prayer" remains one of my favorite songs ever.”

Greg Rule, former editor of Keyboard Magazine, e-mail 2003

“The atmospherics of well-chosen synth tones and layers are successfully executed .. The project is extremely spatial, with depth and (when heard over headphones) sound just about wrapping itself around the listener's head.”

Recording Magazine, March 2002

“The vocal harmonies are lovely and she even speak/raps the lyrics occasionally.. It's gentle stuff through and through and I'm always impressed when an artist goes it alone, so to speak, and does just about everything.”

Boston Soundcheck Magazine, April 2002