Jovino Santos Neto / Press

" ...a warm, high-energy player, as fun to watch as he is to hear." Mark Fefer, Eastside Weekly"

Mark Fefer - Eastside Weekly

“RODA CARIOCA --- Beautiful Brazilian jazz from pianist Jovino Santos Neto -- playing here in a wonderfully fluid mode that sparkles with lots of warm acoustic touches! Neto's playing mostly piano for the session, but also brings in a bit of melodica, flute, and accordion -- further expanding the colors in the tunes, as do some of the album's great guest performers -- who include Joyce, Hermeto Pascoal, Hamilton De Holanda, and Marcos Amorim! There's a sense of grace here that's totally great -- one that really recalls an older sound of Brazilian jazz back at the end of the 70s, and which is recorded here without the overly glossy production style that sometimes hurts other albums of this nature." Roda Carioca review from www.dustygroove.com website”


“RODA CARIOCA --- "...the exciting set plays like a vibrant musical encyclopedia of the musical spirit of his homeland. The joy keeps growing through "Coco na Roda"-- whose feisty drumbeat and whimsical mix of instruments create a Brazilian version of Mardi Gras music -- and tracks like the lively samba "Gente Boa." - Roda Carioca review by Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide.”

Jonathan Widran - All Music Guide

“Roda Carioca --- "Carefree and spontaneous, yet finely crafted and performed with virtuosic flair" - Mark Holston on Roda Carioca, JAZZIZ”

Mark Holston - JAZZIZ