Josh Paterson / Press

“This was my first experience with a musical hurricane. To say this band blew my hair back is a gross understatement. This band is in a class way above the first three acts I saw that night. It is a collection of seven highly skilled, well-seasonedperformers who express a diversity of style and musical genre unmatched by anyone the duck has ever seen before. I believe these folks do Old School Funk as it is SUPPOSED to be done. Their delivery of a groove is the groove I've always looked for, but few musicians could quite produce. The "Jazz" on the end of their name must not be taken lightlyInterspersed with the thumb-slap-funk bass lines were intricate morsels of what some of us call Real Jazz.The horns in this band teased me mercilessly with deep statements of the heritage of Jazz and Soul. Snippets of "oh, my, what was THAT?" tickled my innards in ways so good it was almost embarrassing.”


“ There are several bands that have thought combining Parliament-style old-school funk with jazzified sensibilities would be a great idea, but there are few who can do the trick without looking like a sniveling bunch of jazz-fusion wannabes, like Buckner Funken Jazz. Sure, the band has everything a jazz aficionado would ever want, be it well-polished ivory tickling or bluesy trumpet squirts -- both flavored by practiced musicianship -- but then again the group isn't caught up in the jazz hype. Underneath the keyboard melodies and the tooting trumpet creeps a groove-worthy bass line and some sexy, pure funk guitar work. Despite its jazz/funk pedigree, Buckner Funken Jazz doesn't slip into the oft-abused strains of fusion, a mercy that keeps the act from sounding too derivative and from whirling off into the annoying recesses of jazz-snob obscurantism. -- Matt Schildhild - AOL Cityguide”

Matt Schildhild - AOL Cityguide