Josh Niehaus / Press

“Josh Niehaus couples his gift of song writing with a polished production value uncharacteristically high for an unsigned artist.”

"This EP is amazing! 'Morning Light' is a catchy slice of pure polished pop (enjoy the alliteration) that really shines with... well, morning light? 'The Last Song' is beautiful, passionate, veering between latin influences, pop ('pop' as in 'popular,' in every sense of the word) and heart-broken rock. 'Ed's Wood' is an electric buzz of rock guitars roaring under a great melody and super witty/funny lyrics. And 'Zanadu,' at this point a classic, rounds out the album with a nice blend of pop/rock and nostalgia that will turn any fan of Seattle (or a fan of great music) into a fan of Josh Niehaus and his Zanadu. This EP is well worth the price and gets even better upon repeated listens. I look forward to seeing what Mr. Niehaus will produce in the future."

"This is one artist I HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

Auriemma - Artist Spotlight

““Josh Niehaus’s music perfectly embodies the spirit of Seattle. In an environment of carbon copies, Niehaus breaks the mold. His music seems impervious to contemporary trends.””

William Kaner - RedBlue Magazine

"Really fantastic vocals! ... reminiscent of Marc Cohn, but with a new and distinctive style."

MnH Project

"Josh Niehaus' music is like an urban Journey. Listening to Silent Night is like walking from Harlem to Bed-Stuy."

Andre Tobin - Jerusalem Post