Josh LaMore / Press

“Josh is such an incredibly talented musician with amazing opinions on music, the industry, art, etc etc, I highly recommend everyone to listen to a song or two. He is living proof that amazing people can come from Subway employees.”

“Dramatics provides Josh’s fans with a musical style different from all the rest. This EP is not only fun to listen to, but it also shows off just how talented Josh LaMore really is. Recorded and produced by Enoch Jensen, Dramatics incorporates a wide variety of musical styles and ultimately offers something that pretty much anyone can enjoy.”

“Singer songwriter Josh LaMore is sharing his 2 EPs "The Time is Now" and "Dramatics" for free on Reverb Nation. "The Time is Now" is a raw sounding ep, similar styles to "Chris Corrabba and Bright Eyes, recorded in McWhoa Studio's bathroom.”

"Dramatics" Recorded and Produced by Enoch Jensen (Engineer for Guitar Hero) are full recordings with a quirky edge. There are elements of Indy Rock, Swing, Barbershop, Country, Folk, Pop and Acoustic Rock in the songs. Very fun EP!

“Josh LaMore AbsolutePunk.net's free music friday!”

“Out of Feature Presentation's ashes comes a new project that's sure to be just as successful”

“In 2006, LaMore had an extra-special experience when his brother Josh LaMore performed at the Tinley Park date of Warped Tour as part of the Feature Presentation. "It was crazy," LaMore said of seeing his brother, who inspired him to pursue a career in music, performing for the Warped Tour crowd. ”

“This year’s music lineup includes locals like Diplomats of Solid Sound and Karl Hudson, plus touring musicians such as Sharon Bousquet and Josh LaMore.”

“Saturday and Josh Lamore and the Sumthin' Sumthins' doing an acoustic show at 6 p.m. April 19. In fact, Lamore contacted me this week about his upcoming show there. He was formerly in the band Feature Presentation, which toured extensively including some dates on Van's Warped Tour '07. He has a MySpace page, too, (/joshlamoremusic). Kaffeine invites local bands to contact them about the possibility of doing a set.”

“Josh Lamore who has been in the band Feature Presentation played a solo set, sounding like Billy Bragg record- ing for Drive Thru Records. He is good and has the talent to go far.”

“With energetic vocals and a flurry of sound, Goodbye Fate had a packed bar raising their drinks in salute. There was nothing eerie or unsettling about this well-honed musical act performing to the top of their abilities at The Café on Friday the 13th. Comprised of Josh Lamore (guitar/vocals), Justin Watt (guitar/vocals), David Blomquist (bass) and Kyle Hammond (drums), the genre of music is tough to put a finger on.”

"We are eager and ready to spread our music to everyone who is willing to listen," exclaims band leader Josh LaMore (guitar, vocals), Feature Presentation

“Feature Presentation "To You The Past and The Questions Left Unanswered" Album Review”