Josh Kemp / Press

"Notts has a new star to look up to."

"Josh makes some happy and upbeat songs and combines them with his unique and pretty damned charming voice. On top of that we have the excellent finger picking styles on guitar and some epic looping going on, Josh flawlessly flips through the layers... it's great to see but a million times better to hear..."

"... a performance of proffessional quality that raised the bar for solo artists." -Trevor Locke, Arts In Leicester, Gig Review

“A Notts star on the rise....his uplifting tracks filled with catchy melodies and truthful lyrics are sure to blow you away. Top this off with silky sweet vocals and there you have it, Josh Kemps recipe for gig success!”

“Versatile performer. Keep doing what you do - it gives you an edge.... Excellent voice. Really liked the original track”

“He had a great tone and connected well with the audience.... original has a really good first verse which sets itself up for a killer hook .... a potential hit”

““Josh is a natural performer””

William David - Reccomendation

““Here is a young talent to be savoured””

““Good acoustic number, good voice and a good songwriter””

Live and Unsigned - Josh Kemps Audition