Josh Doyle / Press

"You owe it to yourself to check out Doyle’s debut, self-titled album. With songs like “Everyone’s Alone,” “Solarstorms,” “This Transcendent Ache” and “I Figured The World Out,” Doyle’s album sounds as if it’s his third or fourth studio effort.... this guy is about to become your new favourite Singer Songwriter..."

"Josh Doyle is the talk of the town right now... you have to see him for yourself."

20 Musicians to Watch in 2013 - Nashville Lifestyles magazine

"There was just a magic that used to go on, and it still happens on occasion, like I was saying with this Josh Doyle... He came in the studio, and all it was is him playing acoustic guitar – done. No charts, no arrangements or anything. It was so on fire and so great, we cut 10 tracks and did his album. This guy just kept pulling songs – he was writing. Then when the guy sits down to play and we’d say, ‘Well, it’s just a run through,’ every time he opens his mouth, it’s a performance."

Leland Sklar (Legendary bassist for James Taylor, Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne) - Rock Sound

"According to our ears he could very well be one of those artists that stands by himself musically, a la John Mayer and Josh Groban."

“The other good news is that Doyle's lyrics are as clever as John Mayer thinks he is. More so, actually.”

“ "Your CD arrived today and has just drop kicked the new Green Day off my I Tunes playlist. Concrete Moon is a simply awesome song." ”

“Man, "the meaning of life" is beautiful. It really is.”

"OMG, Concrete Moon *faints* what an epic song."

"Wow..Solarstorm is the most amazing song i have ever heard in my entire life! great job!"

“Doyle at last walks out of the wilderness with the cathartic, redemptive and therapeutic "The End Of Fear EP". Fortunately this collection of emo folktronica finds Doyle's creative juices flowing like Niagara falls.”

"Josh, congratulations on "Songs From The Nuclear War" I would just like to say that 'Ghost Like You' is outstanding acoustic (as is it electric, too of course!) and the lyrics REALLY hit in this format. Also loving the studio version of 'I figured the World out', superb... thank you."

"A step up from 'The End Of Fear' ... These are his thoughts on modern life, culture and relationships... Doyle is on top form. "

"Values and Virtues itself is a triumph, it sounds HUGE, is lyrically dynamic and utterly captivating, it really demands to be heard over and over and over and over. It keeps pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations...."

“Values and Virtues contains the best songs Josh Doyle has recorded to date. 5/5.”

“This definitely rocks harder than the Damien Rices of the world but doesn't sacrifice the confessional feel of the music.”

"i've been listening to you since the Dumdums and you have yet to fail me :)"

"I figured the world out has amazing lyrics and you really just wrench emotions from me with the way you sing them. Sometimes a really good day can begin simply by hearing a new really great song. Thanks."

" Your music is inspirational and has a lot of depth to it. You are among the few artists that have their own sound. I rate you up there with some of my favorite bands/Artists -- Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Jeff Buckley, The Appleseed Cast etc... You inspire me to be a better artist"

Jeremy - Austin, TX

"I had no expectation of liking your music. However!!!!! I think it is incredible. I love it. I think its unique and still fits into what people are looking for. I wish you the very best with your career. Your music is beautiful."

“Dude, I had never even heard of you before. When I saw this site, I thought it would be nice to check out your music, and it's f***ing sweet. I really like that song Solarstorms. I hope everything works out. Take it easy.”

Joel Wassner - Ft Worth,Texas

"Your song Aphrodite has inspired me. i think your a wicked artist. I hope you are something that will become famous in the future ...you could make it big! ♥

Ben - Essex, UK

“This is truly stellar work. All the pieces are there for Josh to be an incredible artist; they just need to be put together.”