Josh Charles / Press

"Life Ain't Fair" is pure country drama. A deeply troubled state of the union address.This is a musically powerful song about the personal emotional impact of hard times - one that sadly will hit home with way too many Americans today.

“ This downbeat, hard-luck-in-hard-times lament is performed at a languid, resigned pace that underscores its message of defeat. Definitely a song for today. ”

Bob Oermann - Music Row

“This new album by Josh Charles is a potpourri of American styles, combining elements of classic country, New Orleans funk, and blue-eyed soul. Charles’s musicianship is the perfect match to Milton L. Brown’s measured pen. Call it “Nashvinola” or whatever you want, this is an album that is sure to turn heads.”

Caine O'Rear - American Songwriter

““Taste Charles’ gumbo of stride, boogie, blues, and gospel, and find out why he’s the new young lion of a uniquely American art form.””

"terrific songwriter and pianist"

“When I heard I had the opportunity to interview new star, singer/songwriter, Josh Charles, I felt as if I were about to interview the next Alicia Keys, or the next Lady Ga Ga”

“TIME CAN HEAL NEW ORLEANS WOUNDS NEW ORLEANS — Rebuilding a house starts with a single brick, Josh Charles reasoned. So why not rebuild America's most musical city one song at a time? ”

"he can really play them keys"

Dr. John