Josh Chambers / Press

“Josh Chambers, known for his bass-heavy booty breaks that inspire audiences to pump up their sweat as they groove on the dance floor, has been DJing since the late 1990’s. His obvious talent and passion for music were turned up several decibels last year when he also began producing tracks. Proving his artistic merit in recording, every one of his releases has broken the Beatport Breaks top 100, and his 2012 hit, Do My Thang, peaked at 32. Prior to moving to California, Josh was rocking the breaks scene in North Carolina and played in clubs from Florida to New York bringing his brand of bass to every speaker he could find. Chambers continues to pioneer his sound every weekend by bringing his east coast breaks style with him to every venue he plays. He is currently bringing his booty bumping bass to local EDM hot-spots such as King King, the Avalon and Dim Mak Studios on a regular basis.”

“The beat is phat, and the old skool rave B-line in the background getting twisted up and just all of the elements work for me. Big sounding high energy track that will get the party rocking. So wind down your car window and turn up your stereo. This one is gonna shake your woofer. More of this stuff please”

“Check out this new 2-track EP from the Josh Chambers. Although Breaks isn’t necessarily my forte, he delivers far above my expectations and I find myself always enjoying what he produces. One in the Chamber was released yesterday and made the front page of Beatport for Breaks immediately after release which clearly shows his abilities are first class! The EP is out through Mercedez Lane and purchasable now so go pick it up!”

“Toast & Jam Recordings presents Josh Chambers’ new EP, Ghetto Punk. This heavyweight release features Josh Chambers’ Original Mix, an 808 bass-fest with lots of bottom end for the serious bass-lovers out there, plus remixes by Florida Breaks Legends Sharaz and DJ Mondo. Sharaz brings a nu-skool breakbeat vibe with a nasty talking bass-line, and DJ Mondo takes Ghetto Punk to peak-time anthem status with his uplifting breaks anthem reworking.”