Josh and the Jamtones / Press

“The music and humor is interactive engaging a crowd of kids, and adults, regardless of age or attention span.”

“one of the country’s best live bands.”

“Bear Hunt! is like a cool variety hour of music, sketches, laughs, and above all, good old-fashioned dancing all rolled into one.”

“The Jamtones have created with "Bear Hunt!" a narrative that leaves lots of imagination space and hits just the right note for the 21st century kid brain.”

“I watched Willy the entire time dancing, jumping, laughing, sweating, and having the time of his life! HOLY CRAP!”

“Surrender to the beat of a fresh new sound that dares to be different–and succeeds.”

“The spoken word title track is downright hilarious! I love this album so much, I’m giving it an official TOP PICK of 2013 from the KID crew.”

"Josh and the Jamtones 150% BRING IT! This band is not to be missed, y'all."

Jeff Bogle - Out With the Kids / Huffington Post

“Josh and Patrick have a great comic chemistry together that should entertain both children and parents alike. The tracks are rooted in reggae and unlike any children's music I've heard in the past. GRADE: A”

“This album is AWESOME. I highly recommend it not only for the music but for the SUPER HILARIOUS bear hunt adventure. Seriously, SO FUNNY!! Enjoy!”

“I love it when we get a new CD and everyone agrees on repeat play. I guarantee your family has never been on a bear hunt like this one before.”

“There is New Orleans style street music, reggae, folk, folk-punk and classic country/bluegrass all within this one amazing album...It’s a staple in the van right now and is just on constant play!”

“The whole presentation is one that easily makes its case for being one of the year’s best children’s albums...Listeners of all ages will enjoy and appreciate both the songs and the skits performed by Shriber and band mate Patrick Hanlin.”

“Bear Hunt is more than just music to listen to. This is an interactive party that feels more like a show than a CD.”

"This is one of the best evenings I've had making dinner with my family. I highly recommend this CD. We were all laughing so hard at one point I was crying just watching everyone else laugh. Must have Cd for any family household who likes to dance and play together."

“Josh and the Jamtones are the best kids band I've ever seen!!”

Carole Charnow - President/CEO Boston Children's Museum

“This was such a fun CD for our whole family, but especially my 5 year old. This has been one of his favorite Kids CD's that we have reviewed. The stories interwoven between songs really makes this much more than just a CD of songs.”

“Josh & The Jamtones is the kind of music you want to listen to with your kids! The group brings the ska, roots, and good ol' rock-n-roll sounds we all love and tosses in some seriously fun and silly lyrics resulting in non-stop fun.”

“Finally, ska for kids! I’m reliving my college days with my little ones.”

“A rock and ska sound that is great to jump, clap and jive to!”

Holly Lebowitz Rossi - Boston Globe

“The band is almost entirely made up of Berklee College of Music alumni, and their training is evident in their musicianship. The musicians are clearly enjoying themselves, and the fun is absolutely infectious.”

“Bear Hunt is a ton of fun and definitely a great CD to listen to with the kids. It didn’t even feel like “kids music,” just good music to listen to with your kids.”

“Who needs 5 Hour Energy shots or Monster Energy drinks when you can walk into a Josh and the Jamtones show and immediately get your heart rate up, sweat dripping, and feet dancing. Oh, and your kids will have fun too!”

“Put this one on your list and check it out!”

“From booking their hotel room to traveling through the cornfield of doom to the lightning lake of a thousand sea monsters. It really leaves you in suspense.”

“This wonderful cd is a little bit country, folk, reggae, pop and some New Orleans Street Music to boot. Josh and The Jamtones are awesome!! ”

“...the Jamtones are not pushing an agenda of clean clothes, eating your veggies, and going to bed at a reasonable hour. If anything, the Jamtones want to keep your kids dancing until they drop.”

“A nice mix of music and comedy makes this a unique listen that will have you giggling and singing along! The music features a blue-grass meets Caribbean feel - which I love. It will have you wanting to get up and MOVE!”

"Those of you who've seen Josh and the Jamtones in concert know that to call them high-energy is to underestimate the degree of enthusiasm they bring to a live gig. The band Brings It."