Joseph Velasquez / Press

“I appreciate it!”

Gerald Albright

“Funkylicious with vocals reminiscent of Prince".Joseph is the artist now known as outrageously diggit all over get me on the dance floor! Have fun with this listen...and pay attention to his lyrics. He's got his heart in the right place and his music is contagious. ”

“Just listened to and LOVED "Dream'n Hope to hear more from you! ”

“I got lost in Fanatic. That's so hot. You have a really smooth sound. Keep it up.”

Trina - Milwaukee, WI

“Great song Velasques...Kind of old motown with a bit of Michael,Prince and Sheila E. of course...I digg it a lot...Reminds me of great times...hugs again friend...jazzAlikes”

“Hey bro...just wanted to let you know you have a great sound and style. Very easy to listen to! So much talent! Lovin It! ”

Jordan Sibley - Pensacola Florida

“This absolutely delicious music!!! I totallt love it!”

Juanita Nasjimen - Bogotá, CO

“Some nice vibrations on ur site.loveing da melodys.blessed love 2 u an urs.from benji ranking and da woodshed crew”

Woodside Productions - Basingstoke, UK

“Love what you are doin! Your sound is so tight!”

Majgik - Winston Salem, NC

““Hold Me Tight” is a Hit”

Malik Torain - Charlotte G,bor, NC

“Totally Dig This !.. Yeah..”

Shels - Brainerd, MN

“one song that I continue to keep hearing in my head is "Hold me tight"... you are the fate of my soul. and I think what impressed me so much about it is his vocal range, and of course the pipes.”

John Muller

“If you guys like music, click on Joseph Velasquez and listen. You will not be disappointed.”

Ronny Upp

“This guy's got some serious vocal chords”

Mike Godin

“if it happens in Italy, not to hesitate to say hi to me, I make you to play in my jazz club soon salvatore”

“Hey Velasquez, send over a CD for airplay consideration if you have an album.”

“hi Velasquez, thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I loved "don't give in", grabbed me immediately! ”

“Faith Spreads says it all man..awesome.........”

“Thanks Joe, Glad you dig. :) "Dreaming" is my fave of the new tunes. Keep it up! Peace & Love, Niki”

“Hey Nephew Joe, I'm very proud of you and that you are persuing your music. Great music I loove it. ”

Uncle Jess

“Joseph - Wow! You're really a talented musician! I've been listening to your music over and over again!”

Mary Ann

“That is amazing!!! congratulations! It is awesome to see God using you and your talents.”

The Wells Family

“Hello Velasquez! Thanks very much for friendship, and for sharing nice music with me! Keep up the good funk! Best wishes”

Tone ~ Norway

“I like All! Very good job! Success! Good week and All the best for you! Respect from Russia!”

“I Like Your Sound ~ Issy ~ South of France”

“yo i'm feeling the music bro very nice work. keep doing you & keep in touch. rod. peace...”

Rod Williams

“Thanks Velasquez, for the lovely music and for adding peaceful sound bytes to the world! ”

“Thanks for your music i love it! Dave ~ Montana”


“It is wonderful music !!!”

“The music on your page sounds great!”