Joseph Reed / Press

“Joseph's music is honest and inspiring music from the heart.”

Billy T Crooks - www.NuMusic247.com

“Joseph Reed's talent and passion for his music can be heard in every line sung and each word written. His love for his faith and his family can be witnessed in just one moment with him. Talent doesn't get any better nor more deserving.”

Rick Tiger - Esteemed Nashville Multiple-Cut Songwriter

“Joseph Reed is one of the most sincere, honorable, talented people I've ever met. His talent as a songwriter is phenomenal and God-given. His self-penned songs have a way of touching my very soul. I am sincerely honored to know him and to be his friend.”

Jan Dyer - #1 Billboard Charting & Gold Selling Songwriter

“Joseph is an incredible vocalist and writer. He truly has one of the best attitudes in Nashville.”

James Breedwell - Billy Lee - NSAI Radio Show