Joseph Keith / Press

“With his new release Winter, Joseph Keith is showing his songwriting maturity. Love lost and found is a common theme here and presented mostly in a fun, youthful way – which may be a direct reflection of his age and personality but also seems a natural fit for his vocal range. There are plenty of thoughtful, experienced lyrics ("Amber Fields", "Don’t Want To Fight", "Name") that will resonate with young and old alike; and will surely be appreciated by those who still value the poetry of good music. With that said, he has a hit single with the up-tempo "Just Fine" coming out in time for the summer vacation and pool season. Pop and college radio stations will find "Nothing Left To Be Said", "Into The Darkness", and the catchy "August" worthy of rotation consideration too. If you’re one of those guys who still buys music for his girl, Winter would be a great gift.”

“Keith performed his newest album “Winter” earlier this month at Jammin’ Java, a cafe and music club in Vienna, Va. Dominic Calandra, saw Keith perform at Jammin’ Java; he is an avid fan of Keith’s. “The crowd reacted really well to him, he has a very positive effect on the audience. A lot of people hear his music and think it’s a song they’ve heard on the radio, but Joe is just like, ‘nope I wrote it and people can’t believe it.’ He’s very professional and everything is done very well,” Calandra said. “He’s very poetic and soulful; you can tell it comes from within him. His music sounds very genuine like it’s straight from the heart."”