Joseph Demaree / Press

“Dear fans of soft, somewhat morbid, but ultimately pretty ballads and storytelling, do I have a treat for you! I would like to introduce the reincarnation of Leonard Cohen. Of course, I know LC is still alive, kicking, and kicking ass, but it still has to be said. Much as I deem Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley to be the son Bob Dylan wished he would have had, I am certain that Sir Cohen would wickedly approve of Demaree’s sultry new age twang and simple melodies about the sun and so much more. For readers old enough to remember the first time they heard the first of the Songs series, listening to this cat with his band The Square Tires on their new album Sunbeams has to have a similar appeal. It simply has to! There is simply too much to love on here. Demaree’s northern/western drawl might be off-putting at first, or the entire time if you are only used to straight edge, high school a capella turned folk singer style. But for those who can find the beauty in his demeanor, wh”

“Musician, painter, dancer, writer and all around artist, Joe Demaree, originally the front man for the experimental art punk outfit Unit Breed, is currently playing solo acoustic shows. Demaree plays folk, roots, rock troubadour unlike anyone you have ever seen before on this planet.”

“Joseph Demaree is headed in a positive direction. A mixture of indie, alternative rock and folk. Strong instrumentation, slick vocals and alluring lyrical content. This ambient sound interwoven with searing messages should be in the hands of a high level music supervisor for film. We urge you take a listen to his full album while on a long drive to a summer vacation destination. This artist's melodic tone and mysterious presence has earned him a spot on our 360 Watch List.”

“Demaree realizes the benefit of work and often cajoles his audience into finding hidden meanings in his images and music. To him, the benefit of interaction and the sharing of ideas take precedence above all. Discovering different angles to life’s moments is his crusade. It’s all part of a three dimensional timeline where he likes to create and play. He explains, “There are so many ways to tell a story and participate in it. I am fortunate to have accumulated so many perspectives to help tell the tale. At times it can be quite maddening. “”