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“Hi Joseph I am glad to inform you that song JOSEPH BEGGS - Beautiful Day is in TJ´s Muse Bridge LISTEN & CHAT show this Sunday, April 17th, 2016 at 10pm London, 11pm Berlin, 12pm Athens, 5pm New York, 4pm Saint Louis, 2pm Las Vegas, 7am Tokyo, 7pm Rio de Janeiro, 9am Sydney time at http://museboat.wix.com/multimedia Take care We Love Your Music”

“A Very Special Christmas Broadcast 2015 Featuring Evangelist Joseph Beggs”

“Join Me Wed. Sept. 9th on Inspirational Topics Worldwide My special guest once again...Evangelist Joseph Beggs TOPIC: The Kind Of People God Uses http://www.iconapro.com/radio/ ICONA PRO RADIO 11: 00 AM PST 1:00 PM Central 2:00 PM EST AND OF Course Worldwide.....That's Everywhere Listen To Radio Station Right Here!! http://www.iconapro.com/radio/”

“The Ratings should be in late tonight, but we already know it was a huge audience today! Episode posted soon....Evangelist Joseph Beggs speaking on Life. Very moving & just what the world needs!!!”

“Just minutes away, folks! Be there for a special 'Inspirational Topics Worldwide with Regina Swarn'...TODAY featuring Evangelist Joseph Beggs from Northern Ireland! http://www.iconapro.com/radio/ INSPIRATIONAL TOPICS WORLDWIDE *SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER Evangelist Joseph Beggs from Ireland TOPIC: LIFE”

“I would like to thank God, and all of you, for my success in this field. Both of my shows ("Up Close & Personal With Regina Swarn" and "Inspirational Topics With Regina Swarn") are performing extremely well. Beginning on next Wednesday, August 26, 2015, I will premiere my "Inspirational Topics With Special Guest Speakers". Evangelist Joseph Beggs will be my first guest speaker. I will have many others that you can look forward to in the very near future. My Inspirational Topics show has quite a huge audience and I'm so thankful that now the Word of God can be shared to help encourage you in these difficult times. May God continue to bless you all.”

“Easter Special PART 2 With Lora Lee Williams Inspiring words for Easter, great music by some of the very best Christian Music artists Joseph Beggs Smith&Smith, Walter Hawkins, Edwin Hawkins, Chris Thomlin, Nicole Mullins & more. Join me Saturday on ICONA PRO RADIO---UP CLOSE & PERSONAL WITH REGINA SWARN”

“Regina Swarn Spotlights Artists, Easter Broadcast & New Show Coming up on Regina Swarn Up Close & Personal, is a two part Easter broadcast. It all starts this coming weekend, March 28th when Gin shines the spotlight on some very talented individuals, and good old fashioned down home singing. She will feature Dewayne Watson, from Virginia, Tammie Parks from Las Vegas, among others. The two show special broadcast will culminate on April 4th, where she will host a show to commemorate Easter. It will include Christian music artist Joseph Beggs and others and prepare to be blessed by inspiring speakers Lora L. Williams and Apostle A.B. Ford. http://www.iconapro.com/regina/”

“Don wrote: "I will have Christmas Day By Joseph Beggs on my show" Praise The Lord" in the near future."”

Don Suhan - Praise The Lord Radio

“Here We Stand Album Review Album review on Cross Rhythms 7 out of 10 Reviewed by Ian Hayter Joseph is a seasoned evangelist from Northern Ireland who has written well over 200 songs, It's a good mix of poppy tunes, with a bit of brass and some tinkling guitar work that complement the distinctive voice of Mr Beggs (not unlike the late Gerry Rafferty's in places). The fact that some of the songs ("I Need You" in particular) have had a bit of radio exposure speaks of their competence. Opening with the upbeat "Shine Down" and taking in a selection of songs of assurance ("Christ Won't Let You Down", "I'm So Glad") and challenge ("Use Me Everyday"), this is a reasonable debut. Maybe some of the other 200 songs will find their way onto disc in the future.”

Ian Hayter - CrossRhythms

“Song Thorn Upon A Rose- Beautiful, Joseph. I hear your kind and humble heart in this song. Though you have experienced many thorns, you have remained a beautiful, fragrant rose. Be blessed in all you do in God's kingdom.”

“Joseph Beggs is an Evangelist singer/songwriter in Northern Belfast, Ireland. His music ministry is international encompassing not only Ireland, but America, UK, Sweden, Ukraine, and his CD, Thorn upon a Rose, received worldwide airplay on Christian and gospel radio stations. Joseph's music career spans over a decade and has touched the lives of people for Jesus. His music work goes hand in hand with his mission work to bring glory, honor and praise to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has composed over 200 songs. "Now that he is in the Regina Swarn World Media Motion Pictures & Entertainment family, I believe Joseph's career will really begin to soar", said founder Regina "Gin" Swarn. "I am blessed every time I hear one of his songs. It truly brings me closer to God."”

“. Val and I just want to say a big thank you from all of us at HCC for your wonderful ministry last week. We were all very humbled by it and as ever the joy of The Lord was evident in your music and testimony. God Bless x”

“Bro. Joe: Lloyd and I are riding through the majestic mountains of East Tennessee playing Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone and thinking about our duet together at the mission. Sure was a blessing singing with you my Irish Brother. You are more of a blessing than you will know in this life. Happy St. Patrick's Day to the sweetest man in all of Ireland! Lloyd says "You are awesome"!!”

“Joseph, Joseph, Joseph thank you so so much for all you did this weekend. I know we still have service to come but Friday and Saturday you were amazing your talks and music are such a powerful ministry and witness. God Bless Stephen”

“Hi Joseph, just letting you know that the title track of your album Here we stand has just gone onto our A list for 100 plays. Nice One :-)”

“Hi Joseph, I listened to your songs and I loved your storytelling quality of your songs. I liked the song, "Jigsaw" the best! Awesome message, guitar playing, vocals, arrangements and of course I LOVED your Irish accent! My son Matthew,lived in Dublin for one year to study abroad so my husband and my other children got to see the Emerald Isle!!! It was so amazing and we will always have fond memories of the beautiful people we met there and the beauty of God's creation. Thanks for sharing your songs...Keep writing and blessing others with your catchy tunes! God bless you, Jeannie :)”

“Over the last week, Arise Radio listeners have fallen in love with the song Jigsaw from Irish Christian musician Joseph Beggs. Just like each of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle serve a specific purpose, each of us has a specific purpose in God's Kingdom. The new album from Joseph Beggs, also titled Jigsaw, is now available for sale on CD Baby, the Internet superstore for independent music.”

“Awesome Worship! Thank you for sharing the Blessing of your Praise! Beautiful! Patricia L.”

Patricia L Philadelphia, PA - Reverbnation

“You are doing some fantastic stuff, I hope that 2012 is a great year for you. Have a fantastic weekend. Stephen”

Stephen Michael Band, Wilson NC - Reverbnation

“Great anointed music. Keep up the calling of Psalmist that God has placed upon you. Fan me back, I'd really appreciate it, Rock Rio Studio”

Rock Rio Studio New Mexico - Reverbnation

“Your music ministry is so inspirational. I absolutely love it! God bless. Much love! ”

Savanah Johnson Ellenwood, GA, US - Reverbnation

“Hi! We have a similar passion as you, giving God glory through music! You are an encouragement! Keep it up!”

Gloryfall,Manila PH - Reverbnation

“Hi Joseph! Just stopped by to get inspired. Great work -- very wonderful music! Blessings to you”

Tom N Tierney - Reverbnation

“Congratulations on being #23 on the Hot Christian Chart. Love your songs I Need You is great.Check my site and fan me back Blessings Rick Morris - Darien GA US”

Rick Morris - Reverbnation

“Your inspiring story is beautiful, like your music. Bless your music! Eva Murphy, Wedding and Event Harpist in St. Louis, Missouri:”

Eva Murphy - Reverbnation

“I love the message in your music & your sound, Very Inspirational! Be Blessed Leslie Nicole Downs Singer/Songwriter Leitchfield, KY, US”

Leslie Nicole Downs - Reverbnation

“Joseph, You and your music bless more souls than you could ever imagine! Keep MAGNIFYING him, with the wonderful blessings HE gave you! God Bless you and your ministry! Hugs! ”


“Joseph, my strong Irish brother: The Lord has surely called you. How many confirmations do you need? Do not let man's idle words blur you vision that has been given to you by the Father. You are a tremendous anointed talent with a loving and tender heart for the lost and God's people. Be encouraged and stay in the fight. God needs soldiers of your caliber. Radical, Bold, Determined - that's you, Joseph!!! We are all cheering you on to victory!!! ”


“Joseph, God has given you a beautiful ministry to take His love to those who need to hear. Your songs flow with the compassion of the Saviour's heart. Keep singing, the Lord will continue to open doors for you. Be not afraid or dismayed, He is with you wherever you go. You are in my prayers for strength and grace and that all you need is supplied to go where He would have you to go. ”


“Be encouraged. I've been through the same scrutiny. You know what I told the skeptics: "Thanks, but I have to do what the Lord called me to do". Somebody is liking your music, more importantly, someone is being brought closer to God by your music. Don't forget that YOU are brought closer to God by operating in the gift He has given you. Don't let the enemy get any victory in your heart as it relates to your ministry. I will listen to your music when I get a chance. I have heard your heart and I know it longs to finish the course that God has set for you. Be encouraged my brother! ”


“Hi Joseph, Have you noticed we play your Rapture Song several times a day? We never get tired of it. Hope you're having a great weekend. God bless all you do for Him”

Sharecropper Radio Florida U.S.A.

“God Bless you Joseph, Your songs are inspired by God. It is a blessing to know that God still use people that are willing to do His work and not be well known. May God keep blessing you way beyond your own imagination. God Bless you”


“Hi,Joseph,I appreciate your warm welcome! Hey, is it you singing your songs? I really like "If I could be an Artist" and "After the Rain". You're definitely touching God's heart with ur music. ”


“Brother Joseph, Stopping by to say hello & listen to and harmonize along with your ''let the heart'' song tonight. Your truly are gifted at writing and singing! A true joy your music is! Bless you, ”

Melanie U.S.A. - Shoutlife

“Joseph, Joseph, Joseph!! Thank you!!! God is using your life to set the example of true, sincere and passionate Ministry. I thank God for you. And am amazed at God's work in your life. It brings glory to the father as Jesus would have it. Everything that Jesus did, was because He first saw the Father do. "Thorn Upon A Rose" what a beautiful and touching story. "Beautiful Day" has really released an anointing to just enjoy the creation and all that God has made. His mercies are new every day and every morning :-) I will listen to the other songs as well! I am close to tears as I listen to those songs, such worship and adoration. May the Lord continue to use your life as "Joseph" in the bible to bring restoration and deliverance to His people. Isaiah 30:21 Jeremiah 29:11 Psalm 68:19 ”

Tracy - Myspace - Myspace

“Joseph you have a unique ministry;one that is very effective.Keep ministering for Christ my brother”


“Bro Joseph: You are just my all time favorite. I love your heart and your desire to serve the Lord. Just hearing you sing blesses me. Keep writing those beautiful love songs about Jesus. He loves it and so do I!!! Ireland is sure blessed to have you there!!! Jesus Hugs, Irish Eyes ”

Jackie Nashville U.S.A. - Shoutlife

“Hello Joseph! Hey man, I thought I'd come over here and sign your guestbook here, too. I really enjoy your music. The greatest times I've had playing music is with me and my acoustic guitar. I love playing with our band. They are great!!! But sometimes when I just want to sit down and talk to God with music it's just the guitar and me. I hear that in your music. I think God is pleased!!!! God bless you!!!”

David - Texas U.S.A. - Shoutlife

“Hi Joseph, i was reading about the work you're doing for the Lord & listening to your music on your website. It was a blessing. Praise God from who all blessings flow! It's powerful having the pure scriptures set to music. ”


“Hi Joseph, God bless you for the Lord Jesus has surely given you talent. Continue to always to be obedient unto the Lord for He has truly anointed you and always give Him the praise for what He has given you and what He has in store for you. For the Lord shall take you more places than you can imagine. Jesus loves you and so do I. ”

Lisa D - U.S.A. - Shoutlife

“Hello Joseph, Yes, I did get a chance to look at your myspace page. It was wonderful! If it is possible to send the song, I would greatly appreciate it. You're work is really authentic. Although it's secular, I have a rare copy on CD of Donavan (from the 60's) The copy has a lot of acoustic songs in it. Your music reminds me of that and is really heartfelt. ”

Heather - Myspace

“You Joseph to me have a "servants heart" and that is what God see's...your willing heart to do what it takes to reach out the way He created you to be. And to Him that is perfect...so keep singing and reaching to those and one day your treasures in His Kingdom come will be mighty. Just being you, has taught me much...I thank you for that! Love ya! ”

Kelly Karonhienha:wi US.A. - Shoutlife

“Gibson Hill Music Writer-Joseph Beggs is a missionary in Northern Ireland (our first international writer!) we praise God for this young man, he is a Songwriting machine! He recently sent me over 50 songs for review. Here is one that I would love to do a recording on myself, and was featured in our October Newsletter. Thorn upon a Rose Let the heart (featured in the November Newsletter) ”

Gibson Hill U.S.A. - Gibson Hill music Network

“Joseph, I just come back and found your music - great, wonderful - I like that Greetings from Germany Franz”

Franz Zeugner Germany - Myspace

“Blessings to you. Beautiful day is a lovely tune. Love those Irish vocals! I trust the Lord is blessing your vision. Blessings...”

Tami Rowbotham - Vice President A&R Incubator Creative Group

“. You were in my church with Donald. Hope you remember me :PS I'm listening to your songs right now and I'm telling you brother that you have a real gift in music. God bless you and praise be the Lord for that. Hope you're ok and pray that you keep up the good work. My best regards brother. I know that God is working through you and I'm glad that I meet you and Donald. God bless!! George ”

George - Suceva Romania - Eternal Radio

“Hello my brother, Just visiting profiles and I must tell you I honestly appreciate you and the talent that God gave you...keep singing the songs that give glory to our Father which is in heaven! Be blessed and highly favored.”

Junior Gibson US.A. - Gibson Hill Music Network

“You're a Psalmist and a minstrel for Christ. Your music comes straight from the heart and touches the soul of the listener. It draws them into the embrace of a loving savior, who heals, forgives, soothes, restores and encourages. ”

Michael Cornett U.S.A. - Eternal Radio

“Joe my good friend, your talent will be discovered. The world will soon hear how you glorify? the Lord with your songs. You are a wonderful guy and an inspiration to all who know you. ”

Sammy - Northern Ireland - Facebook

“Thanks so much for all your encouragement. I really, really appreciate it. I've been listening to your music and I really love your voice bro. There's such a lovely soft quality to it and your songs are so wonderfully Jesus focused and honest. It's great to know you Joseph. Bless you. ”

Andi Oakes Singer/Songwriter Northern Ireland - Eternal Radio

“Hi Joseph I just listen to your song "beautiful day" and I congratulate you, it is so easy to listen to and it lift our mood to a praising attitude, Thank you.”

Nieves Mooehead Spain - Shoutlife

“Hi Joseph, Thanks for the friend add. I am truly blessed by your music!!! I am a writer, my husband is in a group called Evident Call. Keep doing what the Lord has called you to do my friend. it is "evident" that you are called to share His Love!!!”

Liz McKinney - Eternal Radio

“You constantly amaze me the way Jesus' love just is demonstrated in the things you say and do. Be encouraged, my brother, you are doing a ministry for all of us. I know, if you are like me, that you wonder sometimes if anyone is listening or cares. I do Joseph, keep it up.”

Jay Alan Smith - Shoutlife

“Oh and your music and words are beautiful and pure too(goes without saying! :) From one musician to another!”

Craig Mahon - Shoutlife

“Hey, I love your accent when you sing! Awesome words in your songs! May God Bless your ministry! Ephesians 3:20 In Christ! ”

Troy D Edwards - Shoutlife

“Please remember, you can be the world's BEST singer/songwriter/musician but if you cannot emotionally connect with those to whom you are ministering, the seeds you sow may not take root and your harvest will be slim to none. The blessed musical ability you possess is a platform to love the people to Jesus!!! Let no one steal your vision or your joy!!! You've got it!! Holy Ghost led and inspired. I love you dear Irish man, ”

Jackie Bates Nahville U.S.A. - Shoutlife

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful miracle that God instilled in you to create. You are touching thousands all over the world with it and I praise God that I can be a part of this ministry here at WI.”

Trish U.S.A. - Witnessireland

“Joseph, this is very touching, Let the Heart Psalm 105 video .Creator has blessed you with a talent, you have opened your heart to it, and I can hear it, your love for Creator comes out in song! Beautiful! Thank you my brother.”

Helen Levey - Shoutlife

“I love your songs honest and true really soothing to listen too and deeply biblical which i love we must walk on water daily Jesus will hold us through anything and you too sing and bless with your songs what an awesome God we serve ”

Stephen Leonard Singer /Songwriter Scotland - Eternal Radio

“Joseph I love listening to your song "After the Rain". God has certainly blessed you with a gift for communicating His love to others. Keep going my brother!~ In Christ”

Donna U,S,A, - Shoutlife

“Cool sounds. Reminds me of Arlo Guthrie with a bit of Dillon”

Sylvia Broken Arrow Oklahoma - Shoutlife

“Just wanted to tell you how blessed i was to hear your music. May Jesus continue to use you for his purpose . God is doing great things in saving the lost and bringing them to himself by his anointing through music. When you get a chance check out my page and drop me a line ”

Sherry K - Cross Row Records Asbury Park NJ United States

“Hi Joseph just dropped by to say hi and as always your music is a blessing God Bless you in your ministry Rose ”

Rose La Puebla New mexico - Gibson Hill Music Network

“Hi Joseph, just been listening to some of your songs, they are so soothing to my jangled nerves. May God Bless you in your ministry and keep you safe always. Regards”

Linda Aspinall South Africa - Shoutlife

“Can't wait to see you again, we were working on your song yesterday, it sounds so great! so anointed. Love and Blessings. Lisa.”

Lisa - Thus Records - Audience of One

“Joseph keep writing your songs for the Lord ! they are so unique”

Mark Grove singer/songwriter UK - Gibson Hill Music Network

“Thank you thank you thank you, man of God! You are such a special guys we are not sure if you know how special but you your really are bro! I thank God for the heart He has given you and the obedience you demonstrate each time you submit to His will. God Bless you S&Vxxx”

Pastor Stephen Merrick - Eternal Life Church

“joseph you know God used you to bless his people this weekend we are so thankful to god for the awesome heart you have reaching out praying for you brother that your words actions and songs will lead many into faith including all your loved ones blessings brother”

Sandra Andrew - Eternal Radio

“Was great spending 2 weekends in a row with u and ur music is amazing. My uncle heard ur cds today and got lost in ur music .GB”

Leanne U.K. - Ignite 2

“God's love is forever! You have touched my life and SO many others through it! Thank YOU!”

Rebecca Huseby Singer/Songwriter U.S.A. - Shoutlife

“God Bless You Joseph you and your inspiring music deserve to go far”

Jackie in Brighton England - Eternal Radio

“Dear Bro in Christ Jesus, Yes, I received all 3 songs and listened to each of them. Your love and faith is so evident in your songs, your knowledge of God's Word shines through your music. There is just something so different about your music and I guess it is because of what I said above - your love for God is so evident. Thank you and may God bless you greatly. Kay ”

Kay U.S.A. - Gibson Hill Music Network

“Liking this song that you've added, 'The Call' The Lord leads you to write songs of words of truth that touch and speak volumes. Pray the song encourages others to respond and answer the call. Love in Christ. Karen. xx ”

Karen in England - Eternal Radio

"Thank You Joseph....From Kentucky....Blessings and have a great concert! The Anointing of God is upon You!"

Sherri Lynn Rakes Kentucky U.S.A. - Gibson Hill Music Network

“Joseph, I can tell you that your songs, and not just the songs but also the way you sing them have an anointing in them. They are sent through you as a vehicle to touch others in the ways you have testified to. For me, - when I received your package with the CDs -, listening to you sing these songs that are praises to the Lord (which I wanted to hear above all other types of songs) and then also singing them along with you when I learned some of them.--- this was fellowship and friendship that happened at just the right time for me. Bless the Holy Spirit for the knowing of these things and the ways to arrange the provisions of our lives. ”

"One thing that is very obvious in your recordings is that the anointing did not get corrupted by commercialism or a personal desire to be the artist in the spotlight.... Your songs are about the glory of the Lord and Jesus is the star."

Tonya U.S.A. - Facebook

“Oh Joseph the Lord has definitley found a messenger in you able to touch so many hearts through your songs and lead people to healing they may never thought would happen, you give confidence and hope to so many with only praise for the Lord it's a blessing to know you.”

Jackie Ford England - Eternal Radio

“IGNITE 2 will include some of the best known and loved Christian artists; Liz Clarke, Viv Neville, Joseph Beggs and Paul Poulton. And not forgetting our own Pastors Stephen and Valma Merrick”

Pastor Stephen Merrick - Eternalradioonline

“The song of the Lord is not just any 'ole song...it is the song of praise that carries His Truth, His Life, His Heart! There are too many trying to write and sing a song...but those can be like clangs of noise. Way to go Joseph for being a man upright, pure and with a heart after Gods! Let your praises arise and shake the nations with the Glory of His Name! Many blessings! I'm honored to know you. ~ CS"”

Caudia Santiago Canada - Facebook

“Thanks for letting me hear these beautiful new songs.( Christ won`t let you down ad Empty field of dreams. The lyrics are very thought provoking and true. A powerful message for the times we live in when society teaches us to put our trust in so many things which must come to pass, some of them very early on in our lives too. Added to this your voice is really beautiful and the original melodies make your music really memorable. I hope lots of people get to hear them. Bless you Joseph ”

Carole Ann Chapple - Chrisitan Friends

“Barbara Rossall-Wynne commented on your video, I`m So Glad by joseph beggs. "Well, you can add another person who has cried listening to this most beautiful and praiseful song. It is perfect for use by the 10.30am family service at my church, ie Greensborough, Melbourne, Australia”

Barbara Rossall-Wynne - Christian Friends

“Thanks for checking out all the featured members this month, i will add more very soon! Please checkout The music of 2 of my featured members Joseph Beggs & Tommie Brewster, some of the best music in the world & online! This is the kind of music that touch the heart & soul , plus it also inspires you! Again Checkout Joseph Beggs & Tommie Brewster...2 Great Artists, that's makin a positive impact on music around the world.”

Regina Swarn U.S.A.. - Facebook

“Checkout some really inspiring music from Joseph Beggs, the words are so sweet & smooth! I'm a big fan of Jim Croce & when i hear Joseph sing & play guitar, i think of Jim & other great classic singers! Please checkout his music...YOU'RE IN STORE FOR A WONDERFUL TREAT!”

Regina Swarn U.S.A. - Facebook

“Joseph....this is beautiful!! Your vocals are amazing.......truly loving your music!”

“Beautiful songs..your voice is so pleasing and expressive and your lyrics..just beautiful! It's so nice to hear something so uplifting...I NEED to hear this! Thank you!”

“Greetings from Ukraine! Thank you for your wonderful song and thank you for your beautiful heart. With love - Alexandrа ”

“These songs truly DO minister. Well written and beautifully performed from the heart by a true child of our Wonderful Father. Bless You”

“I like your tunes and style very much... uplifting and inspiring! Keep up the great work for Him -- I can feel the anointing!!”

"I Need You" is a beautifully honest, well-written song Joseph. One of my favourites, thank you for sharing it with the world.

“• Jim Patterson Hi Joseph - I am playing 2 of your songs on my "Music with a Message" programme on Radio Star 981 MW on Tuesday 19th July at 5:30pm. God has given you a great talent and I am delighted you are using it for His Glory ”

“GregandLinda Smith Joseph - your new CD "Here We Stand" is just incredible...the songs are anointed and powerful ....we are truly enjoying listening to it - YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING!!! ”

Greg and Linda Smith http://fullcirclemusik.com/Faithfully.html - Facebook

"Life can be a Vapour" .. awesome song, I love it.. and it has blessed the charts ...at JB's Top Ten Song of the Week at Indie Artists. Check it out when you can stop by. Right now "Life Can Be a Vapour"...

“Regina Swarn Music And Films Network MUSIC, MOVIES, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT A message to all members of Regina Swarn Music And Films Network Beautiful Day. Joseph Beggs My Top video this week 7/23/2011....also the featured video at my official youtube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/MsStar5000 ”

“Recent Events Eastwood Festival Thus Records Launch 6th - 8th August”