Jori / Press

“Why does @LoveJori not have a record deal somewhere selling millions of albums? OMG. Over the weekend one of my twitter followers – shout out to @moluvlee – linked me to Jori’s cover of Tamar Braxton’s hit ‘Love & War‘ and I’ve been hooked ever since! Honey, this slayage is the perfect way to start your Monday morning. Watch her performance and tell me what you think in the comments.”

“Man! Talking about ‘accentuating the positive!” There is nothing negative about our next feature! She’s a woman with raw talent, and a woman who has a penchant for soulful tunes. She is also the first female Vocalist to be featured at LivingTru.com, and she is definitely a young woman who understands the purpose of music and how to utilize it, in such a way, that makes people stop and take notice. Come with us as we showcase the genuinely humble, and remarkably talented, Ms. Jori.”

“Who knows what the future holds for her. One thing we know for sure is it’s gonna be bright.”

"If I could sum up Jori I'd say you were just too complex..."