Jordan Whitmore / Press

“This Jordan Whitmore album is going to make a lot of fans from the alt country and indie country world. She’s got a great voice, nice sensitivities in writing, and an eye toward making the world a better place.”

“The Dallas-born songwriter moved toward a slightly more raw and revealing style for her new album, taking a hard look at all the struggles in life that can weigh you down so hard you feel you can’t even move. But for all the times you’ve felt alone in this mess, Whitmore steps up to remind you these are universal challenges we all go through.”

“With her latest album, “Other Side”, Austin singer-songwriter Jordan Whitmore brings a new maturity and grit to her tidy pop arrangements. A marriage of Americana, rock, pop, and folk, “Other Side” asks hard questions and tells honest stories. Whitmore’s already impeccable voice soars to new heights — her performance is as vulnerable as it is powerful. This is a great artist at the top of her craft”

“Jordan Whitmore's EP Consider It Done spins its title track as a wink to Sixties girl groups, an indie dose of Motown then appearing in her acoustic take of Smokey Robinson's "I Second That Emotion." She still sounds thoroughly modern, which speaks well for Whitmore's writing and alluring vocals.”

"Jordan Whitmore's songs were so good I thought they were by Carole King or maybe fellow Dallas girl Norah Jones."