Jordan Kennedy / Press

“ Tonight on The Dirt!! Vina Thoreson, Paul Preston, and Jordan Kennedy! Don't forget executive producer of My Ghost Story, Mark Phillips!! The Dirt Tonight on The Dirt!! 5-7pm pacific time on KMYC 1410 or watch us LIVE online at MYSYtv.com! Call in at 530-742-5555! My guest co-host is Vina Thoreson and we have a great show planned for you with Paul Preston, my co-host and engineer!! Our guest, Jordan Kennedy...local musician...will be sharing his music updates with us!! Can't wait. We will also, be joined by Mark Phillips of My Ghost Story!! Please tune in!”

“Tonight on The Dirt!! Paul Dale Roberts will be co-hosting with me and Paul Preston!! My sweet co-host, Heaven, is out sick...hope she feels better soon!! We have a great show on tonight from 5-7pm Pacific time on KMYC 1410am or watch us LIVE on MYSYtv.com! We have Jordan Kennedy calling in to talk with us about his newly signed record deal at the beginning of the show and then we have our guest, John Brightman calling in to talk about his newly released book and some serial killings!!! Should be a great show!! Paul Dale Roberts is going to tell us about his last investigation, too!!! Love the paranormal:-) Please tune in!! Thank you:-)”