Jordan Danielsen / Press

“Jordan is being featured this week on Independent Music and Media. Click here to listen to his online interview.”

“Jordan Danielsen is an alternative singer/songwriter from Davenport Iowa. This is your different kind of alternative music. It is a genre that is used because it is so hard to categoric the sound. He can have country vocals, party lyrics, jazz fusion, rock inspiration, and just flat out great songwriting.”

“Jordan Danielsen's music is an now be heard on HotMix 106.com with Cory Marcus!!”

“Danielsen serves up a cocktail of upbeat acoustic rhythm guitar, funky backing horns, soulful solos, smooth vocal crooning, rhythmic singing, country twang, blue notes, nostalgia, optimism... and like all good cocktails, it goes down easy and feels great!”

““Something That I Am”: Jordan Danielsen, “Night Alone in the City””

"Summer of 99", and "Company" on regular rotation on "Rockin U Radio" with Mark Stevens!!

“Jordan Danielsen's Set List!!”

"Jordan Danielsen says he sees transformations when he hosts open mic nights at the Bier Stube in the Village of East Davenport."