Jon Wolfe / Press

“Independent country singer and songwriter Jon Wolfe has made his indelible mark on the Texas music scene in the six months since the release of his album, It All Happened in a Honky Tonk in September 2010. The first single, “Let a Country Boy Love You” reached #7 on both the Texas Music Chart and the Texas Regional Radio Report, and Wolfe and his band have played some 80 shows across the Lone Star State over that time in support of the album. He now returns to Texas radio with a second single, “That Girl in Texas,” which ships on Friday, March 25. The song, which Wolfe wrote with longtime writing partner Tim Johnson, is a driving up-tempo gem with a perfect vibe for the ever-warmer days and nights as spring turns to summer. It’s sure to score with programmers and Wolfe’s rapidly expanding fan base thanks to its mentions of some of Wolfe’s favorite pleasures in his Lone Star life: Saturday nights, honky tonks, rodeos, wide open skies and, of course, “That Girl in Texas.”

“The Oklahoma native has built up a following in his home state and Texas, and it will be interesting to see if the niche Corbin and Chris Young have carved out on mainstream country radio is wide enough for Wolfe. Perhaps it sounds so good because we’ve already heard it – and enjoyed it – all before. Either way, neotrad-philes won’t regret adding the album to their regular rotation, and should probably think about snagging that URL before Strait does.”

“Lots of Texas artists pay homage to George Strait. But few embody the vocal strength and charms that have made him the standard-bearer for genuine country music quality for a good three decades now. If anyone comes close, it’s Wolfe, whose new disc is a stunner marked by powerful vocals, great songs, excellent musicianship and rich production. If you’re a Strait fan, this is an album for you, marked by the same savvy that has kept him atop country music for so long — music that embodies the best of the tradition yet feels right up to date. One can only hope that today’s commercial country radio can find room for Wolfe, because he’s come up with a classic here. ”

Rob Patterson - Country Music People

"While Jon Wolfe’s latest album is steeped in the kind of neo-classicism that has guided every George Strait record since the mid 1980s, It All Happened in a Honky Tonk is like a fine shot of single malt scotch whiskey. It goes down easy and smooth but the notes of it linger with you long after you’ve finished it."

"It All Happened in a Honky Tonk, a tightly played package of whiskey-soaked twangers about beer joints and the people who frequent them, represents Wolfe's "greatest hits of the last four years."

"Jon Wolfe is an unassuming, good looking guy that wears a cowboy hat comfortably. Lots of guys try to pull of being country and its obviously they are rock-and rollers or new age musicians trying to make a buck. It doesn’t usually work but they are out there, everywhere. That’s why it is always comforting and even refreshing to meet a guy who loves country music."

“Jon Wolfe needed his new disc, It All Happened in a Honky Tonk, to be finished. So much so, in fact, that he likens the release this week to a physical weight being lifted off his Oklahoma-and-Texas-bred chest.”

“In person, Wolfe has an easy smile and a friendly, handsome face. Pieces of dark hair poke out of his cowboy hat and he laughs a lot as he talks. Vocally, Wolfe recalls Strait and Clint Black at his early best.”

Joey Guerra - Houston Chronicle

"Jon is as traditional as his cowboy hat and jeans. I went to a showcase for him. Jon proved true country songs roll off his tongue easy and that he's as comfortable in front of a crowd as a pair of well-worn boots."

Larry Holden - Country Weekly