Jon Royce Band / Press

“Jammin’ in the Alley 2015 debuts Friday night with the Jon Royce Band taking the stage at 7 p.m. Royce specializes in traditional and new country and Southern Rock music, so expect a smooth vibe with a little bit of kick.”

“I had a blast! Good times with good friends and One helluva an awesome band!!! Love me some JRB!!! We wanna thank you guys for all you do!! Couldn't imagine my life without you!!!”

“A lot of the musicians from Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee come up here and showcase their stuff on the show, but Clarksville, within your borders, you also have some great musicians. Jon Royce Band is definitely one of the ambassadors of that.”

"I've been able to do so many cool things, musically, all because I decided to change what i was doing," Royce Said. "Once i cleared my head, I had a flood of ideas, I was able to focus and put down on paper what I wanted to say. I was more motivated and more determined than ever before." That determination has paid off for Royce. His current band consists of Derrek Weatherspoon on guitar, Michael James on bass and Ben Reed on drums. They have formed a group that truly reflects the popular trends in music today.

“OMG glad to be home and in bed. Tonight has been awesome!! Went to see the Jon Royce band they were great if you like country singing Jon Royce is your guy.”

“The Jon Royce Band rocked the house (I love that band) if you live in this area get out and support them and the local live music scene; you can not get better entertainment in Nashville”

“I was fortunate to get a moment to sit down with Jon Royce and Derrek Weatherspoon from the band to talk about the band, and their up coming show. With a clear crisp sound that blends a fusion of country, rock, and pop the band’s music has something for everyone. Strong vocals driven by a powerful beat with honest straightforward lyrics the Jon Royce Band can’t help but to stir the crowd in to a frenzy.”