Jonny Smokes / Press

“You blew my mind, Jonny! You have so many things going on all at once and yet you still sang and played well, while being a great entertainer!”

Roger Fisher - guitarist of Heart

“Jonny Smokes is easily the most talented and complete musician I've ever had the opportunity of knowing. To miss his live show is tantamount to punching yourself in the junk....repeatedly!”

Brad Hull - guitarist of Forced Entry and Sanctuary

“Jonny Smokes...amazing, entertaining, a sound that comes out of this man is simply genuine.... Jonny Smokes' music tingles the ears of all our age groups... and genres!”

Louie Galarza - Mental Itch Records

“Jonny you are one of the best. Excellent musician!”

Andrew Kuhn - drummer of Wide Eye Panic

“Jonny Smokes is a pioneer in exploring the concept of the "one man band". From pop songs to metal, his use of live sampling and looping creates the atmosphere of a full band.”

Jon Grahe - facebook review

“HEY, IF YOU HAVENT SEEN JONNY IN ACTION, YOU HAVE TO!!! This man is a true artist, who involves many genre of creative genius to surround the audience' and captivate your very soul with energy, and ability, that will take you to the height of sheer amazement...ecstacy, really defines it better...as his genius shows no boundaries. He hold nothing back, and has more to give...go see, you will love it when he reinvents the term" ROCKS YOUR WORLD"!!!”

Cynthia Landry - facebook review

“Jonny i've seen it before and I'll see it again you are amazing live like that words cannot describe.”

Rob Toner - Facebook fan

“The Grand Wizard of Looping Magic!”

Greg Cass - facebook fan

“Absolutely amazing! A performance and experience you don't want to miss!”

Charlie n Tracy - facebook review

“Jonny Smokes is absolutely AWESOME!!! Husband and I used to go see him every chance we got. Live in PA now, sucks, miss watching Jonny!”

Shari Cox-Pelzel - facebook review

“What to say about Jonny Smokes....how about Fucking Awesome. I'm convinced,this guy is the real deal.So treat yourself,go see him.”

Michael Steele - facebook review