Jonny Lives! / Press

"Post-Radiohead Pop/rock with teaming guitars and airy vocals, you owe it to yourself to see them”

Chuck Eddy - The Village Voice

““A head-nodding, bottle popping good time. The EP is a concoction of Pixies brash guitars, sweetened with Kaiser Chiefs pop rock.””

Teen People

““Jonny Lives! has perfected the art of creating catchy tunes that will make any crowd break a sweat.” ”

Billboard Magazine

"Jonny Lives! is the epitome of the thriving New York garage rock scene."


““Bands that put exclamation points in their names better have some zip to back it up…Luckily, Jonny Lives! does.””

Jim Farber - New York Daily News

““Jonny Lives! are so pant-droppingly brilliant that this reviewer has just been ordered to sex them down so you don’t eat the magazine from sheet lust and excitement.””

Mark Beaumont - NME Magazine

“Based out of New York, the band Jonny Lives! have just released their new album entitled “Revolution For Free” on Long Live Crime Records/Rock ‘n Review Records. The album was written and demoed in a macadamia nut factory in Hawaii, and the sound on their new album welcomes that island atmosphere. Jonny Dubowsky has gained support from many major recording artists including Debbie Harry, Fountains of Wayne, Modest Mouse and others for his environmentally safe touring unit of bio-diesel vehicles. Dubowsky also started the Rock ‘n Renew organization which shows students how to become environmentally conscience in their community. For more information on the Rock ‘n Renew organization and on the new Jonny Lives! album, please visit jonnylives.com.”

“Jonny Lives! spark their own revolution amidst fun and catchy tracks off their latest effort, Revolution for Free. The band’s sophomore full-length album fuses pop/rock elements well with interesting and captivating lyrics. Frontman Johnny Dubowsky’s talents definitely prove the album is a worthwhile listen. The New York-based band Jonny Lives incorporate all musical elements quite well, and even though they try to make a statement, you don’t feel like you are being hit over the head with political agendas. If anything, the album is more a sing-a-long than a preaching.”

“Jonny Lives!’s sophomore release Revolution for Free is just that, a revolution. It is a revolution in response to the droll rock songs that fill the airwaves and their trite and empty lyrics. Revolution for Free is like if the Beach boys circa 1965 were put onstage at CBGB’s (R.I.P.), cranked up the overdrive on their amps, and knocked back a few shots of whiskey. On Revolution for Free, the New York rockers demonstrate that they truly understand what makes a good, solid, and catchy pop song and are able to employ that knowledge without any of the mainstream “guidance” that most rock bands adhere to. Revolution for Free is one of the more solid pop-rock albums of the year, and through it, Jonny Lives! exemplifies their ability to dissect the classic rock ballad and pop hook, organize them as seen fit, and put them back together in revolutionary way, pun intended.”