Jonny Lipford / Press

“Lipford’s music fully involves the listener—whether playing unaccompanied or spicing things up with percussion, violin, etc.—and suggests he’s actually been to all the places his songs represent.”

Chris Manson - The Beachcomber

“Lipford may just be the most versatile artist recording Native flute music today, as A Breeze At 72 Degrees amply illustrates.”

Bill Binkelman - New Age Retailer July | August 2011

“Lipford plays his Native American wooden flutes with plenty of charm and charisma; on top of that, his writing is consistently memorable.”

Alex Henderson - Veteran Journalist - Billboard | All Music Guide

"...Lipford shows amazing prowess with the Native American Flute."

"Your [Lipford's] use of Native flute is engaging..."


“...soothes the spirit and opens the mind...”

The Wakulla News

“...[Lipford] stands out!...You're on the cusp of greatness...”

Hello Music

“...a resounding success!...”

Bill Binkel - New Age Retailer Music

“Lipford is a genuine talent...”

Christopher Manson - The Beachcomber

"[Lipford] has a natural talent for fashioning a melody..."


“...his movements and transitions are as smooth as the glassy surface of a lovely lake on a warm, still day...”