Jon Mulvey / Press

“Kicking off the third annual guitar festival, the final Friday Nights LIVE! concert on September 16th will feature Los Angeles-based jazz and world music guitarist Jon Mulvey. An accomplished stage and studio musician, Mulvey has been touring since the age of 15 and was a member of the band Mingus for more than 10 years. Described as a “unique and interesting voice in the modern guitar community”, Mulvey’s recently released album of world fusion and acoustic jazz entitled, “This and That,” was praised by Guitar International as extremely diverse and melodic. ”

“Jon Mulvey . . . is supporting his current and Phenomenal CD called, "This and That." I'm BLOWIN' UP MY i-POD on this one! . . . THIS DUDE CAN'T GO WRONG RIGHT NOW!!! ”

"I have to admit that I expected to hear a certain style and sound coming from his latest album This and That. But, when I got the album in hand, I found a player that was extremely diverse, melodic and full of compositional vigor. I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise since Mulvey . . . draws upon many influences in his playing besides rock, including the jazz and classical genres. Normally when someone studies with a shredmaster like Satriani, they come out with tons of chops, but often spend too much time showing them off and not enough time putting them into melodic context. Mulvey is just the opposite. His playing contains the same energy and drive as you’d hear in any other technically accomplished player’s songs, but his understanding of harmony and motivic development makes him stand out among his peers as a unique and interesting voice in the modern guitar community."

“Jon Mulvey is a great guitarist.”

Joe Satriani

“Pulls off a sorcerer trick by employing a massively distorted tone yet controling the bombast so you can clearly hear his cagey phrasing which is full of sexy bends and soaring melodies There is enough shreddy bits harmony lines and tremolo gymnastics to make this one helluva thrilling guitar fest”

“the awesome guitar hero not only sounded like Jimmy page… he looked just like him when he was in his 20s… Jon Mulvey he gave a great show … the guitar seemed to float in front of him.”