Jonie Blinman / Press

"It's hard to remain composed when describing the talent of musician Jonie Blinman. At times haunting, her voice turns from whisper to smoke, as she walks barefoot through the minfield of love and loss."

“Jonie Blinman is an amazingly talented artist so I can imagine with all that brilliance swirling around in her head that stopping to interview for five minutes is like trying to make a freight train stop on a dime...... Imperfection is what makes us artists, not perfection. JD Delacruz Reno”

“One of L.A.'s Best Singer-Songwriters”

Dave Morrison - Musician-Singer-Songwriter

"Sailing into each stroke of the bow along the strings of the violin, progressing through the sound of guitar strum, and the rasp of lyrics sung by Jonie Blinman..."

“Jonie Blinman's EP Point A is an A+. Strong production dynamics, sonic balance, compelling lyrical narratives and A&R ready song craft are rarely exhibited by unsigned indie artists of any ilk, region, or genre….”

“Jonie Blinman might just be the hardest working musician in town. Often playing multiple times per week, Blinman and her band, present some of the most compelling music in the Truckee Meadows.”

"..it's Blinman's vision, drive and growing prowess, as a promoter that's bringing new attention...As creator of the popular Songwriters in the Round (The first and only singer-songwriter series to have a reoccurring spot at The Knitting Factory.) Blinman has introduced Reno to a novel performance concept that's beginning to catch fire..."