Jon Bailey / Press

“Last week, Bailey decided to grab an unused microphone and beatbox over Schwab’s performance of Eagle Eye Cherry’s hit “Save Tonight.” Schwab rolled with it and inserted rap verses from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song” and “Ice Ice Baby,” prompting loud laughter and cheers from everybody there. The performances have been so well received in part because there was a bit of a longing for some good Wednesday night music in Orono, according to Bailey. “There are a lot of the same kids that were here when Woodman’s opened [in 2005] and it was one of the biggest things I went to,” he said. “I think people were missing the consistency and right off the bat, it was pretty good and we had a full house.””

“Memorial Union witnessed a tense night of music on Tuesday for the final round of The Project, the University of Maine’s acoustic equivalent of American Idol. The final four had talent overflowing, but there could only be one winner– and for 2007 it was Jon Bailey. Opening with a ’60s-flavored section of “These Days” by Nico, melting into “Angeles” by Elliot Smith, Jon Bailey launched his captivating set full of striking vocals and intricate guitar. He played the acoustic theme from cult UMaine student-created series “Dragonshirts” which ended in a triumphant fist-led salute from members of the audience. His original “Red-Blooded American Boys” followed. Bailey was then joined by friends Sara Richardson and Jocelyn Emery for a beautifully harmonized cover of “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” by Death Cab for Cutie. Chattering between songs and radiating effortless presence onstage, he finished with another original, “Some Day, Some Boy,” and received a s”