Jonathon Ferris / Press

“Flint’s Jonathan Ferris took the stage and played many original songs. His music harkens back to the roots of Americana music with hints of a bit of rockabilly. Fans of Bob Dylan would enjoy Jonathan’s approach to music.”

“Jonathon Ferris has one of the most classically American songwriter voices I’ve ever heard. Well worn and perfectly suited for his skillfully crafted songs, Ferris’ voice carries through 16 Months. Ferris sings songs that are sometimes world weary but always possessing a wry sensibility and humor. Standout tracks: Don’t Let the Devil Bring You Down, Leaning Back”

“Jonathon just started his set. He’s a “songwriter’s songwriter” with one of the most classic American singing voices in the area. He’s a craftsman when it comes to songwriting–he knows what he’s doing.”

“Jonathon Ferris will perform some Americana, folk and rock songs at Coffee and Friends Cafe' Saturday. For those who enjoy the songwriting styles of Tom Petty and John Prine, this might be worth checking out.”

Rich Tupica - City Pulse