Jonathan Tiersten and Ten Tiers / Press

““The kind of artist who can seamlessly move from grungy rock to folksy reflection, and does so appealingly.” ”

AOL City’s Best

“Jonathan stars in the terrifying thriller "The Perfect House".”

“28th Most Popular!”

“JT’s back in town, fronting Ten Tiers, originally conceived to record the album Don’s Club Tavern Part I. The homage shows off a songwriting quality nearly unparalleled in the Mile High and beyond. It’s easy to imagine Tiersten breaking onto the big time soon.”

The Yellow Scene

“Jonathan Tiersten's arguably one of the best songwriters in Denver, and his band Ten Tiers performs at the Rox Bar and Grill. Bonus: He's a bonafide movie star, having starred in Sleepaway Camp and Return to Sleepaway Camp.”

Dave Flomberg - Rocky Mountain News