Jonathan Saraga / Press

"Whether on trumpet or flugelhorn, Saraga's clear, elegiac tone weaves intricate musical tales..."

"Jonathan is a real improvisor and has the technique to express his ideas fluently and with heart."

“Saraga... is only in his mid-twenties, but plays with the wisdom and maturity of veterans more than twice his age. His chops, lust for musical life and don't-box-me-into-a-stylistic-corner mentality make him seem like the musical offspring of trumpeters Dave Douglas and Ambrose Akinmusire.”

"...Jonathan Saraga is an excellent player with a LOT to say and the means to say it very well."

“Jonathan is an up and coming trumpeter with a unique voice as an improviser and composer. His tone is dreamy and his solos are captivating.”

“With a fresh approach to trumpet playing and improvisation, the emerging original voice of Jonathan Saraga is one that is indeed worthy of our attention.”

“​I have long been an admirer of Jonathan’s musicianship, both as an excellent instrumentalist and a thoughtful, creative jazz improviser. Jonathan embodies what I feel is the best approach to modern jazz music: a thorough grounding in the rich tradition of the music coupled with a restless, searching spirit that seeks to express the music of now.”

“Jonathan Saraga has everything he needs to be a vital part of a new wave of trumpet players: Soul, intelligence, great technique and acute musical awareness. It's all here, in the unique writing and the inventive playing. Dig it!!”

“Jonathan Saraga has been, from the first time I heard him play in 2005, a force. I never heard him take a solo, write a piece of music or, for that matter, have a conversation that wasn't pointed, serious and coming from a place of curiosity, interest and resolve. As a result, he has blossomed into an artist of real depth and the even better news is his relative youth -- who knows what he has yet to realize!”

“​Jonathan is a top-notch player. I have no doubt that he will be among the best players of his generation. He possesses the necessary ability both as a trumpeter and a musician to lead the way forward in the jazz community. When I listen to new young player, I look for a someone who has a progressive style that is anchored in the tradition of the music. Jonathan already fits that model.”