Jonathan Markwood / Press

“'A JOY TO LISTEN TO' **** Four Stars Jonathan Markwood’s prowess has already stood firm in the release to the album 'Welcome To Planet Earth' and in this, the eagerly awaited follow up, that dedication to the music is one of remarkable beauty and overwhelming constructed appeal, from the explosive start to the softening reflection that sits at the heart of 'Killing All The Good Guys'... ...'Black Against The Sun' is of the same enamoured quality as its predecessor, principled and kind, a measure of the artist in his own work and one that is a joy to listen to.”

“The central track of the album Welcome To Planet Earth (Beautiful Girl) is further testament to Markwood’s musical and lyrical talent. It is free of complication, and if I am wrong shoot me, but I believe it is a love letter to his newborn daughter. His chameleon talent is on display again in Mary Shelley where the acoustic guitar and natural drum sound underpin Markwood’s vision of the world. 'Mary Shelley has deserted me, She created me, She must have hated me.' This powerful chorus points to the romantic and gothic sides of Markwood’s multifaceted personality.”

“'One of the UK's most promising songwriters. Waiting for his second LP to hear him would be foolhardy.' - S MCauley, Mondotunes Extremely groovy..Perhaps foremost among these wonderful attributes is his remarkable lyric character. Markwood’s “Welcome…” is full of narration and storytelling..His lyrics are the kind that audiences sing while they dance because everyone knows the words. There is brilliant intelligence behind every line of his ingenious record' ”