J Levant / Press

“The first two joints are from 2 upcoming R&B artists straight out of Brooklyn, NY. The first artist goes by the name of Ahmaad & his track is called “Can I Call You”. The second joint is called “Foreplay” & is by Jonathan Levant.”

“We think he'll get his chance!!”

“Jonathan Levant singing on Good Day New york”

“Jo...Nathan is a talented performer, not only is he a pianist but also a vocalist, a producer and he can do a lil something on the drums as well. I like working with him because of his work ethic and the fact that he studies his craft so well.”

“New York City is home to some of the Music Industries greatest stars and biggest legends. Jonathan Levant, a humble 20 year old from Brooklyn would love to one day be mentioned in the same sentance as a "Music Legend". We think he'll get his chance!!”