Jonathan Ammons & the Electric Ghost Collective / Press

“There’s a maturity to the writing that embrac[es] a wholly modern aesthetic. Could Jonathan Ammons & The Electric Ghost make it in Nashville? For the sake of Asheville’s musical arena, let’s hope they don’t even try.”

“Holy shit. This is a great piece of music. Sounds fantastic… clean, simple, great songwriting. You guys have a great record on your hands… I know you must be proud. Shit son, great great great…… you’re going to get some super reviews with this.”

Rudy from The Humbuckers - A email sent to Ben after hearing our EP "You'll Never Make it in Nashville".

“It is clear that this band is extremely creative individually...in this "collective" they have struck gold. I can say with little doubt that these guys have something special.”

Johnny Mcdowell - The Whetstone