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“Jona Leigh hits 140 on Global Charts and 123 on National Charts!”

Reverbnation.com - Reverbnation.com

“Jona Leigh is featured as the closing act to perform live on the air for KKNT AM 960 radio show and pays special tribute to all involved and impacted n 9/11.”

“(July 23,2011) - Jona Leigh is honored to be selected as one of the TOP ARTISTS from around the WORLD who was chosen to be featured by RADIO MAVERICK! Here's the link: http://radiomaverick.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/23-july-2011/”

“(7/9/11)★★ Jona Leigh selected from Artists across the GLOBE★★ Featured on WORLD WIDE podcast by R&R World as #4 Artist on the ArenaCast Episode 78 Playlist http://t.co/1aLf9pt ”

“Jona Leigh selected as an Artist to be promoted by IMG GLOBAL PROMOTIONS.”

“11/5/11 - Jona Leigh Hits top 100 Country Music Artists on Reverbnation and is ranked #96 in the USA! Her talent just needs a break through song!”

“I listened to "Let It Rain". I enjoyed listening to it. In fact, I listened twice. Your hook is stronger than most of the new stuff I'm hearing these days. A good song will sell itself with just a simple guitar/vocal demo. You've got an edge on most singers, in my opinion, in that you don't sound like everybody else. Your voice is very distinctive. When you come out with the next record, people will know it's you. The singers who have been the most successful have unmistakeable voices. That is a big advantage for you. I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing!”

Richard Moore Bowden - Executive Director at Music City Texas Theater

“#16 on the HOT LIST For Country Music Artist around the Globe! ( 7/11/11)”

““Jona Leigh - “★ Hits #6 on GLOBAL Country Music Chart★ from Arizona in USA (July 10,2011)””

“I couldn't help but become a fan. Great original songs and lovely voice!”

““Jona Leigh - “★ Hits #23 on GLOBAL Country Music Chart★ from Arizona in USA (July 9,2011)” ” ”

““Jona Leigh - “★ Hits #7 on GLOBAL Country Music Chart★ from Arizona in USA (July '7th & 8th,2011)” ” ”

“Jona Leigh “★ Hits #8 on "HOT" GLOBAL Country Music Chart ★" (July '6, 2011)””

“Jona Leigh - “★ Hits #5 on GLOBAL Country Music Chart★ from Arizona in USA (July '5,2011)” ”

“7/4/11...Jona Leigh named in the top 25 "HOT" new artists in the USA again! She is ranked #3 today on Reverbnation's "HOT" list out of the top 25 newest country rising artists in our nation!”

" There are times in my life when I was only breathing that I turned to God, but today when I heard your voice singing "Let it Rain"... I felt God".

Beatrice from NYC - FAN

"You have something we have never heard before. You're talent needs to be shared".

Judges Panel - Lucky Break Singing Competition

“On June 29th, 2011 Jona Leigh was named #23 in the nation on the Reverbnation.com website. She broke into the top 25 and made their hot list for upcoming country music artists selected from the entire USA!”

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