Jonah K / Press

"Yeah, this is cool."

Skream, Promo Feedback

“This is really deeeep and dark stuff, man, and in parts darkly comic too! ”

“You can tell Jonah knows how to rock a dance floor. The tracks are polished, contemporary and original.”

“...moves mightily between the huge, syncopated rhythms of dubstep and drum & bass, and more cinematic, fantastical excursions.”

“Definitely for me...”

Laurent Garnier - promo feedback

“...the first set that really just made it for me for that evening. Some of the hardest, driving, fierce, raw, techstep.... I haven't danced like that in close to 3 years easy.”

“...enjoys creating sonic atmospheres whether through his own productions or his melodically infused dark DJ sets. Not afraid to shock the listener into new realms of bass he takes pride in creating a memorable journey for his audience.”

“Groovy, with lots of atmosphere... nice FX effects surrounding the beats”

Shroombab - promo feedback

“Jonah has long been one of our favourite DJs...he has played all the way from riproaring drum & bass to techno. Now he's become a first-choice favourite of dubstep fans.”

Dave McLeod - Promise NYE Review

“A dark mix of rhythm and ambience... Dark whispers borrowed from film and a diverse array of sources make up an earthly international ambience.”

Audiodrome - Rue Morgue Magazine

“Has a mythical, cinematic feel, with a depth of emotional atmospheres...keeping the listener suspended in the fluid balance between drum-blitz-driven hype and spacey-intra-uteral warmth.”

Paul - user review - CD Baby