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“Well Truthfully i was surprised, i Really like this track his lyrics were on point beat nice and uptempo we can add this to the many LA anthems, what can i say I like LA girls, o yea and the song to lolol Keep up the Good Work. I support independence”

“California raised hip hop emcee Jo’ LuQ. His songs focus on the culture of Hip Hop and celebrate the spirit of life. He'll be making his first live appearance in the Hot Tub. We urge you to check out his video for "Backpack" and also be ready for the club banger "Liquor In My Cup". Follow Jo' LuQ (@antihood)”

"The first time I spoke to JoLuq I could hear the hunger in his voice, the hunger to be a great musical artist. JoLuq grew up in Pasadena, an LA suburb that he feels gets "slept on". Besides of course, the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl being home to UCLA Football. Jo himself is that sleeper talent who has had music flowing through his vains since he was young. Over the years he has recieved great feedback when it came to his art. So he took the leap, and 3 years ago he decided to delve into the music industry to see where the journey would take him. Thus far, it has been a beautiful journey for JoLuq. "

"This photo shoot was shot on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA. Black Tie Flow's Jo Luq and C Roc Smithsonian gave us some insight as to where they get some of their inspiration towards music." http://www.Blacktieflow.com

“8-5-2011, Spectacular performance at Rolling Stone in Hollywood”

Rolling Stone Lounge Hollywood

“Winner of BET/106 & Park's "West Coast Blaze The Stage" Tour”

“Winner Of Anthony Harrell Showcase @ Weber's in Reseda”

Webers Sports Bar