JoJo Jupiter / Press

"JoJo Jupiter’s 'Space Medicine' Is Here To Vaccinate Your Mind "Based on a philosophy they describe as “founded on a strong subconscious mind and wilderness connection,” the duo champion free thinking, alternative modes of living, and defying authority. If Arlo Guthrie had schizophrenia and lost his home to imminent domain, this is the album he would have made. "Despite their small footprint, guitarist Darren D and drummer/vocalist Scott Johnson (aka “Skin Richards”) manage to create a sound that’s got plenty of weight. Richards’ vocals have all the bluster of Mick Jagger in his prime, and blend seamlessly with the lo-fi virtuosity of Dencklau’s guitar melodies. Those melodies can shift from a crackling howl, into a velvety campfire sonata, and back again before you know it."

“Psychedelic rock is a genre that traditionally requires a rather large band to adequately perform. Not so for Seattle group JoJo Jupiter, which accomplishes the feat with only two members. Their debut makes up for its unimaginative title with plucky, heady rock tracks that hint of a backwoodsy Minus the Bear."”

"With a mix of styles, from Ocelot Omelet’s psychedelic eargasm style, to the blues-rock crunch of JoJo Jupiter, and across similar waters to the heavy thrash-sludge punch of Eos, it’s truly a set of local bands that can entertain a colorful palette of rockers."