John Worsham / Press

“John Worsham's new CD, "Christmas This Year", is a fun mix of Traditional Christmas songs and original songs written by Worsham. The CD has a contemporary, jazz-inspired feel, with acoustic guitar as the main instrument. Worsham smoothly combines traditional songs in "The Angel Medley", "The Midnight Clear Faithful", and "Silent Night in a Manger". Worsham wrote the words and music to several songs. While the songs are not "traditional" Christmas songs, they definitely share the message of Christmas both in words and sound. "Christmas This Year" depicts a father's answer when his son asks what his grandpa will be doing for his first Christmas in heaven with Jesus. The father then explains the true meaning of Christmas to his son, and reminds us, when missing loved ones, to "remember, they're with Jesus this year." The song brought tears to my eyes as my grandpa will be spending his first Christmas in heaven with Jesus this year. ”

Shelly Burke - Nebraska Family Times

“The son of a preacher man, Worsham has been blessed in his years to have rubbed elbows with, and talked shop with some of the more influential musical movers and shakers of our time. To his credit, it was more than place and circumstance. Worsham's album Hearsay, is an adult contemporary nugget, chockfull of inquisition and introspection. After a well documented 15 year break from the inudstry in 1987, Worsham and his new album beg the question, "why did you ever leave?" Brady Vredenburg - Omaha Entertainment Awards ”

Brady Vredenburg - Omaha Entertainment awards