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"John Taglieri is an honest musician who writes songs that everyone can relate to. The music isn’t pretentious, instead it is full of passion, energy and honesty...Taglieri is a pure artist that writes pure and honest songs and we need them to sound that way too...Lucky #9 is yet another admirable release by an independent musician who knows what he does best."

"the unsung hero of working class rock and AOR...John’s new songs speak to everyday themes most people can connect with easily." Read the full review here: http://bit.ly/IJuSQa

“Their (TAG's) hard-egded Americana unfurls in catchy way from the opening harmonic rumble of "After Farewell" and keeps waving until the last cut, the moody "Drive", gets the matter back on the road. Taglieri and his constant co-writer, guitarist Brad Whitley, will have BON JOVI fans occupied, all the while digging deeper and funkier, with an adorable swagger to "Make A Mistake With Me", the blissful chug to "Ghost" and a vaudevillian air about "Breathe". Good moments aplenty, the all-original recording must be a hit. ”

“I have listened to their debut album now and I really enjoy John´s lead vocal performance and the music bring thoughts to classic American rock like Brett Walker, Nelson and Mitch Malloy. There are some really good songs on the album such as "Fly", "After Farewell" and "With You I Want To Be", plus the nice cover of "Drive" originally recorded by Incubus."”

"TAG throw their best card to the table right away with the excellent opener "After Farewell", which is an intense melodic rocker that reminds me a little bit of Marvelous 3/Butch Walker...a track that made me pay attention was "Ghost" with its' rockabilly-vibe, which works strangely well with the more straightforward rock chorus. Interesting! It's followed with another strong track "Not A Day Goes By", which is armed with a good hook and nice amount of that "intensity" I mentioned earlier.

"For those of you familiar with Taglieri’s music, TAG is undoubtedly going to please you. For those of you who aren’t yet acquainted, Taglieri is a Springsteen-Bon Jovi hybrid - a good time rock and roller who is one part bar band and another part arena rocker. TAG provides a new forum to do the same thing he’s been doing for years – consistently belting out memorable and fun pop rockers. The band has an excellent chemistry, providing moments for each individual to shine while teaming up for effective ear pleasing harmonies."

"Foreward" is a real surprise. It's one of those albums I only decided to review at the last minute, and I'm now really glad I did. Fancy something that mixes alt rock with pop? You won't go too far wrong with this.

"This is John Taglieri's fifth release and a deviation from his usual acoustic style...wonderful songs that have a familar vibe to them but that also sound fresh and new."

"...uptempo and super melodic, with catchy hooks and memorable choruses all over the place...Definitely go check it out"

"On Everything We Are, American singer/songwriter John Taglieri may make you nostalgic for the days when all that mattered was hook-filled, feel-good music about love and good times...simply put, this is a fun way to spend 30 minutes."

“John Taglieri displays a pop sense that is rare. He writes viable rock songs that are so contagiously fun you can't force them out of your head no matter how hard you try. Everything We Are is an absolute revelation and a reminder that you can make great pop music that's not inane and mindless.”

“John Taglieri is writing some of the best modern AOR I've heard in recent times...he woke me up and gave me reason to crank up the volume. The EP is a party, starting with a "toast" and leaving you in a better mood than when you started listening. ”

"Everything We Are" shows that this man is all about the rock & roll of prime powerpop...John Taglieri is all about the music and the passion he puts in it obviously shows that. With good vocals and powerful instrumentals, this performer is still going strong."

““A very talented singer/songwriter/musician!When word gets out I can only think John will be around for a very long time.Buy this CD you will be pleasantly surprised!””

Darryll Finley - Blast Magazine

““One of the best undiscovered songwriters out there today!!””

““A talented guy...I like his voice!…This is a great album!” ”

““One album...twelve songs, each with the potential to be a number one single.Not a weak spot on the entire album.”

Paul Autry - Spotlight Magazine

““Singer/songwriter's self made release where he plays entirely his own instruments.Overall, a ‘happy CD’, which doesn't bring you down but you can play over again and again while driving through town.Overall, brilliantly produced and performed guitar rock.””

Dominick Miserandino - The Celebrity Café

““The songs' emotional content is always close to the surface, and their ear-friendly, crisp presentation makes it easy for listeners to relate. The album's confident, uncluttered pop shows a maturity rare for indie artists.””

Eric Arron - OpenUpAndSay.com Website

“A CD sure to catch the ear of many lovers of just good ol’ upbeat rock and roll!!” ”

Mark E. Waterbury - Music Morsels Newsletter

““A very good debut album from a singer/songwriter that clearly has a lot to offer. The album is full of quality uplifting pop songs that will appeal to fans of the singer/songwriter genre.””

Andrew McNeice - MelodicRock.com Website

““Most promising newcomer of the year…What John Taglieri provides is over 51 minutes of unpretentious, wholesome family entertainment for the discerning AOR buff.””

Troy Eddo - Amazon.com

““This album is a solid pop rocker...a super strong effort, pure balladeer riding a wave of energetic guitar licks. This one's a keeper, check it out.” ”

Tom Pluck - Demo Rama Website

““Well constructed professional power pop with that big sound you’d expect…the material is very solid all around…an impressive collection of feel good rock!””

Brian Coles - Electric Basement Website