John Stein / Press

“John Stein knows how to groove. Like his playing, Stein's compositions display a lack of vanity and are interesting without being overly busy.”

“Great compositional skills matched with good taste, flexibility, and most importantly, integrity . . . that's John Stein.”

“On Encounterpoint . . . a bright, modern sound is evoked from this truly international band . . . truly fresh sounding while still really swinging.”

“Green Street is an homage, not an overly-wrought re-enactment. This is music happening now with a nod to a wonderful era.”

“He writes simple but clever and effective things. His tunes are beautiful miniatures, and seem to be fun to blow on. I like the honesty of his tone, phrasing and musical ideas. That's why I think his projects fit nicely into the JARDIS repertoire.”