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“'Crossing the River... is smooth, complex, and melodic'”

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“Good stuff mister! You've got the jansch/drake thing going on there. Great, authentic guitar sound on 'Searching for Atlantis'. Keep rockin Best Nick H ”

“Johnson, your music is so real and transparent, authentic and truly from the heart..you remind us of the simple things the buried feelings of just living that the modern fast paced "so called life" seems to ignore completely, thank you for sharing your music with the world :D "”

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“Just wonderful, sweet and charming songs you're writing here Johnson..I love the simplicity and elegance of songs like "no return" and "all we have is one another"..you got the cool, ease with the natural storytelling style of writers like Chris Difford or Paul Heaton..romantic and rich and very tightly crafted. Great work!!”

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“Not too long back I met a fellow musician, a thoroughly nice chap. His name is Johnson Ramm. You know the feeling you get when you've found something new and original and you want to keep it to yourself but you can't help it and you have to shout it from the rooftops and say "This guy is amazing!!" This is one of those moments. I was asked to do some production work not long ago for his E.P. His style? Folk. Really good hearty folk. Lyrically, this guy is a genius. He writes the kind of words you wish you had thought of about 5 minutes previous! His attitude towards his work as an artist was such an inspiration as he let me guide him on certain aspects, it was me that ended up learning so much from that day. I couldn't really tell you who he sounds like, as he has a raw and unfinished quality to his voice, it just fits into place with the atmosphere that he creates from his lyrics and melodies.”