John Revitte / Press

"The poet sings,true grit told here..."

"I can hear the soul of prayers,got in a trance here.."

"Can't help but echo the description of your talent John that is unique in every use of the senses. Your vocals coupled with your lyrics are very powerful in engaging and evoking emotions from the listener. A true artisan.

"Gripping! Raw Emotion!"

"Incredibly fantastic experience being on your page..."I Want To Live" is a philosophy more than a song,,,superb"

"Raw emotion from the soul,absolutely my sentiments!!!"

"Love your soulful sound John."

"Intense,lovely tunes.."

"John,You are a true artist my friend."

"145 songs...I understand this craving. Thanks for being the first person on here that listened to my music!!!"

"Very cool and intriguing."

"I love the emotion in your voice and your lyrics are great!"

"Hi John, I had a listen to "Prolific Escape" and really enjoyed the song,arrangement,melody,cool voice,strong lyrics and style...good stuff!!!"

"I Want To Live"! Indeed! Such passion and courage in your tunes John!"

"Just a great genuine sound that feels the way it sounds and sounds the way it feels. Great paintings too..."

"Great lyrics,excellent voice John.."

"Original to the core both music and lyrics, you channel your creativity with a rawness that is impossible to equal, tremendous artistry..."

"As real as it gets..."

"Great song concepts,each a new blend of originality!"

"Broken Angel" drips with spirit John..."

"You have a very unique voice! I really like it."

"Great song concepts,each a new blend of originality!"

"Emotional masterpieces John"

"Wow,I love the powerful emotion in your vocals on "Broken Angel" such a realness about your performance."

"John, How intense and beautiful,real 'n' rough but also warm and soul healin'"

""Beautiful composition "Broken Angel" A lot of expression and feeling in it."

"I Want To Live" is a great tune!"

"Hi John, It sounds like your songs come from your soul. I am sure you will have a long successful future in music."

"Fantastic and fascinating songs here John! Excellent work!"

"All Eyes On You" Soulful tune!!! We're feeling it...

"Music with an attitude,great stuff."

"John...Your songs have such savage,genuine emotion man. It's a rare and gifted player that can express himself like that...thanks!

"John, Your incredible soul and emotion to your music is unsurpassed! Especially like your song "Broken Angel"

"Getting lost in your artwork images whilst I listen to your OUTSTANDING music!"

"I Want To Live" is excellent acoustic soul. Cheers,J

" broken angel, now that's some feel!!"

"Writing great songs is just like breathing for you my friend. I'm sure it's an unstoppable force"

"Mr. Revitte is my soul bruh in L.A." Cheers,J

"Such soulful and artistically unique art spilling from every fiber of human material that makes up John Revitte. Amazingly talented soul."

" Checking out "Gone". Once again such skillful songwriting and composition. Greetings my friend John! - Roberto

"Basking in your creativity John...you're like a Tom Waits/Picasso...a true master of talent and vision. It all rocks!"

"You talk directly to the soul in your own style and there's not many out there like this anymore..."

"Raw emotion indeed...brilliant!!!"

"Best voice and lyrics on RN so far-UNIQUE"

"One of the best here on RN!"

"tough folk tunes"

"The poet sings,true grit told here"

"John...Your music is poetry for the soul...love it!!"

"Intense lovely tunes..."

"So much emotion in your voice,I love it!!"

"Sounding good John...Keep at it!!!"

"Pure soul and emotion over here as usual...Thanks John"

"I'm loving the simple honesty and passion in your songs."

"Songwriter extraordinaire"

"Some of the most amazing songwriting on reverbnation"

"I love how unsilent you make the soul, John: Thank you for being so emotionally honest with the air..."

"Creativity incarnate!"

"All Eyes On You" Fabulous track..."

"John, You are so original! Love "Silluette"!

"Awesome and unique..."

"Such powerful emotion in your music John. I'm enjoying "Silluette" and a viewing of your very fine and expressive art."

"Such raw emotion in your music. It's not often you can feel it coming through like that. Wow!"

"Singular style with soulful stories-John Revitte has the sound!

"I like the rawness of ur music man. It's real pure shit. Keep rckin em dog"

"Your music and art is so inspiring and unique."

"What a unique voice! Full of passion and beauty!"

"I'm loving your music and lyrics,from the heart is always best...

"If Shakespeare owned a guitar he would be called John,for John rocks the verb."

"Your music is one of a kind and on the edge courageous Bravo!"

"Sheer poetry John"

""I Want To Live" is a tremendous song John...You can feel every word."

“One of the most touching songs I've ever heard on Reverbnation...John,love your stuff...”

"I Want To Live! Amazing!

"This music gets inside your head and heart!!! The listener instantly feels a connection to your unfiltered emotions!"

"John, true artistry in your music"

"How much talent can one person have? Amazing creations filled with passion,both in music form and art form-just wonderful..."

“Epic lyrics,especially the line about "imperfections running wild" Excellent craftsmanship all around.”

“got "Silluette" playing now,very haunting track,top notch bro...”

“Heartfelt soul of the original kind and mind...”

“Hey John! Still enjoying what you have to say about ourselves.”

"Like legendary singer songwriters before him John Revitte's music flows from his soul..."

"Your music certainly is courageous John."

“Great voice,voice of a poet...”

“This is a voice no one hears. It is so unique,stands alone above all others. Shadows follow all of us.”

“Back playing "Soul Dead Eyes" What an awesome vocal delivery. This is great stuff...listen up world...this is some great stuff...”

"Broken Angel" John, I simply love this track!

“Back to hear your awesome songwriting skills John...”

“Awesome!! I could get lost in your music for years...”

“Great stuff,so original,deep and heartfelt...”

“Listening to "I Want To Live" such a great song. "Face To Face" is an intense picture John,very bold!!!”

“Unique soul shining John - "I Want To Live" Andrew”

“Unique soul shining John-I Want To Live-Andrew”

"Some of the best songwriting on Reverb (or anywhere else) Great work John"....Boux/Levin Experience

"To put it simply,one of the best songwriters I've come across on Reverb,Truly."....Bingham Willoughby

“Hi John, playing "Silluette",pure undiluted passion and very powerful.”

“Your brand of music is one of the most creative I've heard on RN Your lyrics and delivery are both top notch and unmatched. You sir,are the real deal. ....Robert Machado”

"So many facets to your music John. It's amazing!

"John is one of the best lyricists on this medium" Cheers,J

“John,you are "the" singer/songwriter. Truly one of a kind talent!”

“Brilliant work John...Always..Perhaps someday our paths will cross? Tamara”

"Broken Angel" is a damn good song John,really feel your heart my friend. I dig the energy in "Color Explosion"

"Absolutely unique and intriguing songwriting John"

“Hi John, Always amazing and an inspiration...continued success, m.c.”

“Listening to "Silluete"this morning and thinking how jealous Tom Waits would be. This is a fantastic track!”

"Everyone is so drawn to your music because it's real and honest...isn't that true of all the great music in this world...Bingham Willoughby

"Raw,live,gritty honest stuff. It takes a brave heart to do this. Nice work, John....Rob Owen

“John, Your sound has so much soul and emotion!!...Andrew Neil”

“Tonight it's "Shadows On The Wall"...This is beyond good John,this is borderline creative genius! ...Ashbury”

"This guy knows how to craft a song into a work of art....masterful!"...Michael Hugh Derhamer

"Really dig "I Want To Live" It really is a great song John"....Frankie O'Rourke

“Compelling songs so brilliantly composed and performed with great feeling and passion...Johnny Bonkers”

“You are the real deal John,raw,emotional song writer extraordinaire!... Tommy Cole”

"I never really listened to folk before but man oh man your voice is beautiful..Love it..voice of star quality!!"...ShyRhythm Recordings

“145 songs uploaded...I've met a psycho!!!!! Right On!!!! ...Auriemma”

“You are art...just awesome in all you do!.. gwamba”

"Great vocals! Reminds me a bit of Jagger. Raw and Soulful...Vulnerable and powerful at the same time. ...Mesa Jane

"I played all of your songs and I love your lyrics and poetry. Pure art that makes you think."...Chris Aable

"I love your artistic soul!"...Erisa Rei

"Your disarming intensity demands your undivided attention...Hanging on the next word....Rob Chiavelli

"wow...deep lyrics. You have a soul,man, and it's raw and vulnerable...let it out!"...Corey Road

" Pure and raw talent. The song itself shines thru and nothing gets lost."...Sharon White

"I will never get enough of your music. When I listen I get chills and goosebumps all over...and that is the ultimate compliment I could give any artist"...Clary Sage

"John, your work is singularly unique. Straight with no chaser vocals. I thoroughly enjoyed every song. Great songwriting!...Johnny Nowhere

"Great storyteller in the manner of Tom Waite,John Prine,-great tunes!"...Rick Frost

"you sometimes may not realize it, but do you have any idea how much impact this truly raw voice of yours has? it is cutting like a knife yet is heart melting...I am afraid people can carry me away when I've managed to listen to all your songs...it is amazing...Truly amazing, and soooo soulful and heartfelt.,,,Coccinella

"I'm listening John. You're a new Dylan. YOU'RE VERY SPECIAL. Very unique and very you. Love your AMAZING VOICE. Yes RAW talent and someone who is to take notice of. You have quite an amazing talent John..."...Song O Matic

“Hello again lovely:) I swear every time I listen to you, you really remind me of Bob Dylan mixed with a bit of James Blunt ...even some Dire Straits in there. Great sound! I just listened to "Soul" and I loved the part where you mention "talking crap" It made me laugh, love the honesty in your lyrics. Good work! ...Ramona Dee”

"WOW Congrats on your #1 in L.A. John!"...Jack Tempchin


"Thanks..Your title track is very cool. Very Cool. Great cool voice and reminds me a tad of Bob Sager crossed with Bob Dylan. Very nice indeed."...Wayne Sanelli

“This is great stuff. You remind me a lot of John Prine and I mean that in a very complimentary way. You have Prine's gutsy, in your face ballsy style. It's songs with strength of conviction. The best songs are exactly that!...Rick Frost”

"Soul",man, is harsh. "I liked looking at him calmly as he strutted and fell." That lyric is a song in itself. I also love "Experts in their own crap mouth." It's like yeah...I wanna spit! Good stuff John...One Part Gump

"Took me back to the beginning. I love it when I hear real emotion. Thank you John"...Ray Lane

"Playing "I Want To Live" Digging the soulful vocals!"....Joe NYC Guitarist

"You are unique my friend,awesomely unique"....Robert Machado

"Raw and gritty, down and dirty,heartfelt and truthful,your soul shines bright through your music,I feel you,John ...Jeff Adams

" John, I don't think I've ever heard anything like your sound. Very powerful and moving!...Mike Robbins

"You're as soulful as it gets my friend,,,great tunes and wickedly wicked paintings..."Elsewhere and the Bumble fly

"You have a great unique voice. Your vocals capture the listener and keep them paying attention. I really like your songs. Keep up the great work....Eric Morris

“'Pure emotions...transposed into music,perfectly!!"....Todd C. Stone”

"Love your approach...Language of Truth"....Prince Sampson

"There is great honesty and integrity in your work,both in your music and art."...Rhonda Mackert

"Your voice and music are mesmerizing. It draws a person in. I find myself searching my own soul as I listen."...Rapid Creek Band

"Love,absolutely very much your music. This is how you do it..."Elton Junk

"I really love the rawness and intensity of your voice...very unique and heartfelt!"...Randy Russo

"What a wonderful work!! You put your heart and I can notice that...I think that's very hard to get sometimes!! Congratulations!! Hugs from Chile.."Perla Intveen

"Your music is very emotional,moving and raw"...Kel-Anne Brandt

"I must say you are one of a kind. You put so much feeling and soul into it...Keep it up buddy"...Ron Stillito

"A true original..You will be forever immortalized with your art! Blessings!"...The Benjamin Davis Group

"Hi John, Love your music. It's very soulful!...Monica Chapman

"Great songs crafted on a personal level,best!"...roth

"Do you know "The Waterboys"? I love you both!...Memphis Nights

"Hours Without Mercy" Super classy sound. Great original style and textures. Love the style inflected into your voice! Big 7 outa' 7 to ya...7beatstreet/Dan Albury

"You have amazing work here."...Luiji Sensi!!!

"Love your songs dude so definitely keep it up"...The DM Project

"Hi John,...dropping in to listen to one of the "masters" Ahh you know I'm a huge fan of yours...love Nip xoxo...Nipple Nose

"Love the raw sound!"...Bryon McCadden

" Hi John, floating by to listen to your songs. Very natural sound, great Vocal and Acoustic performance."...604-Tokay

"Great tunes John! Thanks for sharing your talents and your soul!"...Randy Frost

"Great music John,I like the extremely emotive vox!...Stormy Strong

"Great songs! Keep it up my friend!"...Debbie Z

"What a voice,and vocal control! Way digging your style,and songs!"...Benny Leverton

"Love the music! It's nice to hear such heartfelt,soulful music."...Brown Bronco

“U Are Awesome!!!"...Kroshet”

“Nice voice..All whiskied up and emotional! Good stuff!...Endless Night”

"I listened to your tracks and loved your music...Very dark and heartfelt...while soothing and somewhat dreamy..Good work!"...Tati Rabell

"Wonderful music John,I really enjoyed listening."...Heidi Vincent

"I enjoy your honest lyrics and unique style of writing."...Sue Trickey

"Stopping back to listen to these great songs,just awesome stuff."...Tom Mannion's Sick Guitar

"You have a lot of talent John,great music and paintings."...Music Odyssey

"You have an interesting take on music and vocals,sounds great.."...Daniel Helms

"Hi John. good stuff, you have a lot of depth in your voice."...Stirling

"I really love the style of your music."...Jamie Brace

"Enjoying the grit of your music and your artwork. I found myself lost in "Blues In Blue"...Babs Martin and the Trip

"Very unique voice, love the songs man..."Russ Rhyne

"Soul" has strong lyrics...A message to those who understand"...604-Tokay

"Very creative you are!!"...Marija

"Love your voice! Keep the great work!"...Mike Brennan

" great music and paintings! From the heart!...Phil Lashley

" Fantastic work John. Impressive. Keep it coming."...Byron Love

"Hey John, Love the smoothness of "Love or Fear"...Pamala K

"you sound great...I am a fan.""...Harmony Theresa Kiefer

"Fantastic"...Amara Love

“Awesome!!! Simply Awesome. God Bless...VCHERI”

" Must say you have very unique guitar and vocal stylings! Am really enjoying your songs. "On The Floor"is my Fav so far...Turquoise Rose

"Really like "On The Floor" You have an awesome sound and love the paintings!"...Georojian Court Exp:

"It's great to hear you play your heart and soul and not with a complete polished studio feel"...Bastiaan Baaji

"Wow,gave your sound a listen. You sing with raw emotion. Like it...Terri Lynn & Thunder Blues

"good evening sir...you are brilliant...".Margeaux "The Essence Of Soul"

"Soul Dead Eyes" is awesome Love the lyrics. Man 147 songs. I'm gonna love going through them all. Very cool stuff. Keep them coming!...Tom's Sick Guitar

“To the bone my man..."Heaven and Heroin" is raw emotion!...Paul Butler”

"Great music and paintings! From the heart!"...Phil Lashley

"Beautiful true lyrics straight from the heart and soul"...Paulo Cadima

"Love the smoothness of "Love or Fear"...Pamala K

"That's from the soul man!! Cooool !"...Howling T.Rowley

"Soulful words and expression"...Julee Avery

"Whoa,Powerful lyrics there John, so great to hear you pouring your heart out...Well done,keep em coming"...Sylkay

"Music is life..."..Richard Johnson

"Very powerful with a strong lyric line,nice.."...Jerry Ahern

“Wow! Naked poetry and Soul...The Bixbys”

“Nice voice John-You are deep in your emotions. I like that!...Jaki Song”

""Soul" was great...real power and emotional!!"...Nupachino

"Very distinctive sound..Yours is very emotional,very strong.."..Borderline Eleven

"Love your music...It has a special sound and energy..."Melissa Buys

"Love the raw sound..."..Brian McCadden

“Hi John, I just stopped by to hear your great music... Straight from the heart!...Derrick Teta”

"Real soul. Honest and powerful songwriting,my friend."...Lost Hills

" Your voice is something, very special!"...Old man motel

“Listening to "Soul" right now...Your vocals and words are so deep mate! I love your music a lot...Alan Redmond”

"Hi John, I'd agree with that,"raw emotion from the soul." Life is all improvised improvisation and nothing but the blues! Just the way I like it mate! Keep it up!"...Front Row

"Loving your voice so much John, 124 songs, Yeah! So much music to listen. Digging you lots my friend."...Alan Redmond

"Hi John, Diggin' yer stuff man,love the vox. Keep on keeping on bro," Peace,X...Pig

"This stuff is raw but oh-so powerful."...One Part Gump

" John, you have that earthy,authentic soulful sound that's very hard to find. Keep up the vibes! Nice work....Burn$z

"Hours Without Mercy" is original and your voice has a super cool style. I wish I could be in front of you listening to your awesome music live! Thank you for your talent! ...Carlos Mongrut

"Soul" is....soul...Cebe

"Soul" just reaches out and grabs your heart...Great emotion...Great lyrics...Rapid Creek

" You have great music here. "Heaven and Heroin",it's a great work(as all your other works) Great,it's the sound,nice to hear."...Luigi Sensi

"Dig the style you got goin'..."Transloader

" Hi John! Real emotional voice! Great!"...Florida

" Hi there John, "Hours Without Mercy"is a brilliantly raw piece and I enjoyed it very much. All the best from the UK,Elaine

"I liked your songs!!"....dj R'Angel

"John, love how emotionally evoking your music comes across,very raw and original...Keep up the great work!...Fusion Faktor

"Hey John, I liked "Smoke and Mirrors" Your songs have a strong,distinctive sound. You draw the listeners in and transmit your emotions through your tone and words."...Jerry Ahern

"You most certainly have so much raw emotion happening,Love it! Keep up the great music."...She Said & Hillbilly Dix

"You got some soul brother. I dig the tunes."...Paul Pfau

"Like your distinctive style and sound...keep on keeping on!...Gayle Myrna

"Very gripping stuff you got there! Keep 'em coming,man!...Farrington Heights

"Great voice! Great music..."...Ivano D'Ortenzi

" Incredible vocals!"...The Hoodoo Hounds

"Great Acoustic and Vocal Performance Here. "Heaven and Heroin" just amazing!...604-Tokay

"I agree with your songs...your lyrics hit home loud and clear...Higgs Band

"Stay soulful. Keep up the great music."...Special Cecilia

"Wonderful vibrations u have here!"...Zoe Wheeling'Z

" I like it. Very heartfelt stuff here. Keep doing what you do."...The Russ Rhyne Project

" True,honest and with a lot of feeling."...Cebe

"Great songwriting"....Rapid Creek

" You have a fantastic voice."...Alan Redmond

"Excellent material and delivery-love it"...MF Foster

"Wow,strong emotion in your music. You have a debt of passion that really grips the listener as you sing from your soul."...StarWing Productions

" You are really authentic!!!"...Ana Cox

"You have a uniqueness that is not heard many places, if anywhere across the globe and that is what todays music listening world needs and needs it badly. They need pure originality-just like yours."...Central 7 Heartland Delta Blues

“hey john...gotta tell you man...your shit is flat awesome..deep/soulful/gut wrenching/mind fucks...nobody brings it like you my brother...from "Flaws" to "Soul Dead Eyes" straight to "Reach"..to the roof tops..write it on the skylines around the globe..john revitte..is a true heart and stone cold courageous soul...thank you my brother...for bringing it to all of us...balls to bones...Michael Caruso”

" I get the feeling this one's soul looks at life and sees more than those around him. In the lyrics,the music and the paintings...not really hard to see if you actually take the time to experience it..."

"Fantastic emotional vocal performance!"

"Raw,pure and real."

"Well crafted,poetic and brutally honest."

"Always outstanding and deeply moving!"

"I love your artwork John. It has a voice all it's own."

"Great compositions with your incredible poetic lyrics!"

"You have a very emotive voice,a skill that can't be taught!"

"Great sounds,sheer poetry. Nice one John."

"Great songwriter and singer here folks."

"Us coal miners have a bond like brothers! I love your music John."

"Serious insight in this man's lyrics"

"Wow John! "I Want To Live" is a great track and you are amazing on it. Your performance bears the mark of a great artiste at work!!"

"I Want To Live" Moving lyrics with great insight John. Love the clean vocal and beautiful guitar. Great to be in L.A.!"

"I Want To Live"!! Indeed! Rock on John!"

"Hey John, Thanks for your comment on my live version of "Already Gone". Always good to hear from musicians who like it the way I wrote it. Enjoying your music!"

"Playing "I Want To Live"...fine work John...with the voice that digs down to the soul...Great work..."

" Fantastic feeling on "I Want To Live" John...Love it!!!"

"Listen closely...Every song is an intimate poetic artful masterpiece. A glimpse into the human soul."

"John, you are so very distinctive and amazing!!!"

"Your lyrics and such,all of it...I can tell you're on the next level so I know humanity frustrates you."

"Amazing songwriting here John...Your eyes seem to be able to look right through the soul and then put what you see down on paper-Fantastic!"

"Like the way you paint your songs with your soul. Good stuff for sure!"

"I Want To Live"- Loving it today John!"

"Unique,mysterious and honest lyrical content-Poetry in motion!!"

"Great tunes,great talent!!"

"John is a most prolific songwriter and musician"

"Tell the story,John!"

"It is simply not fair that John Revitte has all of this talent! He is simply too gifted and it pisses me off! The man was born to be an artist and his paintings are beyond brilliant. But then he picks up a guitar and goes in front of a microphone too? And sings and plays great? This is all too much for me to comprehend. This man is the real deal...A true original."

"Rocking to the Lou Reed-esque "Burning Dreams" from your Astonishing Catalogue brother!"

"Absolutely Brilliant!"

"John, You are an artist through and through man. You are a rare breed. We will be watching and listening to you with anticipation."

"Soul Dead Eyes reminds me of the Velvet Underground with better vocals."

"Soul for unique hearts!!"

"Very emotional voice singing from the pit of your soul"

"You are a talent man. It's good to hear real music...Rare in these days.."

“The emotions in your vocals are unmatched. Sounds like heaven!!"”

“I dig it. Interesting blend...Dylanesque with Waits and Springsteen.”

“The depth and style and phrasing like Bob Dylan with the edginess of Lou Reed...Great work!”

"I think you should write a book with all of your lyrics and paintings!!!"

"John pulls no punches with his hard hitting lyrics and emotional sense of urgency...A unique style that opens a window into the depths of the human experience."

"Rich soulful tunes"

"Your music is courageous my friend."