John Paul Keith / Press

“For fans of that kind of slapback, Fender-twang pop played by other like-minded popsters from Buddy Holly to Big Star to Tom Petty, John Paul Keith will be a kind of second coming of the power pop savior.”

“Keith's instantly appealing singing and tasteful guitar skills might be the immediate ear-catchers, but it's his way with a catchy melody and compelling lyrics that keep your attention riveted.”

“Every song on this record is perfect.”

“Rockabilly, Tex-Mex, soulful R&B, Brit Invasion and garage are revisited with new songs that instantly sound like familiar ones and are every bit as hooky as the hits they might have been 40 years ago.”

“Some might argue that Keith was born 60 years too late but I’d say that he arrived just in time.”

“...everything here hits...Keith is simply an impeccable songwriter and performer.”

“...expert songcraft and a love of the raw immediacy of vintage Americana tunesmithery.”

“...a minor masterpiece of roots rock that would make Nick Lowe grin in admiration.”

“...if you still get a little tingle down the back of the neck whenever you hear the opening staccato yell of ‘Rave On’, then this is for you.”

“...Keith’s most sustained work, and the one that sounds closest to a complete realization of his broad, democratic vision of roots music.”