John Ostertag / Press


lost generation

“(Things Have Changed ) lotta real messages in this .”

Sonja quintana

“Back for another music Lesson”

lewis hamilton and the boogie

“Im going to work with you one day.I dig you man you remind me of Jim Morrison.I will purchase your record”


“My Love-what a joy..Weeping Guitars and Fantastic Vocals”


“Your Stuff is Simply Amazing Man”

tom walker

“Such Honest,Heartfelt well Produced Songs”

joanna melas

“You have made (Elenor Rigby) a Tune of Your Own”

pink side of the moon

“Top Vocal and Guitar Work”



second journey

“WOW (My Love) is a Wonderful Song.Excellent display of Muscianship”

greg ashton haze

“Love your music John! So Beautiful."My Love" is Perfect.”


“Elenor Rigby is one of my favorites and then you make it even better?”