Johnny O / Press

“Johnny Really enjoyed your tracks...Groove In Motion and Midnight desire... great tunes and great guitar work well done....”

Reverbnation Artist

“We would like to welcome Johnny O to our family of endorsing artists!”

“We would like to welcome our latest endorsing artist to the Morgan Monroe family of Endorsing Artists, Mr. John O'Lalde. Please head over to www.MorganMonroe.com and check out the endorsing Artist pages.”

Morgan Monroe Fine Stringed Instruments

“Amazing That Everything You Hear Is All Done By 1 Person! Talent To The Max!!!!”

JRock Production - Hired Gunn Promotions

“You are a great entertainer. Awesome show tonight!!”

Reverbnation Fan

“John... you sounded amazing tonight!! Great Job!!!”

Reverbnation Fan

“ Thanks again for the great entertainment and the advice/help you gave Derek. He really appreciated the time you took, he wished he had more time to talk but guests took priority. Hopefully we can find another event for you to play at. Everyone loved it. Don”

Reverbnation Fan

“Your sound is awesome! Reminds me of home (Los Angeles) Can't wait to see you make it big! Bella ”

Reverbnation Artist

“August 6, 2010 Every other Friday, go see Johnny O playing guitar at Cafe Paradiso - you are awesome Johnny O.! ”

Jill F. - Foursquare

“A Unique and Versitile style of playing unlike any other! An eclectic blend of Jazz, Improvisational and Funk Instrumentals mixing acoustic and electric styles in a fusion of a one of a kind performer. Johnny O is definately an artist who puts his money where his mouth is when he speaks thru music! Just take a listen and enjoy!”

JRock Production / P - Dub Entertainment