Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes / Press

“Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes are one of New Orleans best kept secrets - maybe. .....Pain, Pleasure, Fear and Opera (Noiselab) is their third album. But the bands Jazz Fest set was a revelation to me: jamband bonhomie and Louisiana stroll spiced with klezmer style violin and funeral-parade horns... Pain is more of that punch: what you you'd get if Phish had been born at Tipitina's and studied under George Clinton and Frank Zappa late night on the levee.”

David Fricke - Rolling Stone

"That’s when we headed out to Frenchman Street just steps away from the French Quarter and saw another New Orleans institution, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes . They took the stage at midnight, and they played until the dawn’s early light. Best live show I’ve seen in NOLA in 15 years. On the plane ride home, I was full and happy. “Rock,” I said as we flew over the Louisiana/ Texas state line, “that was just what I needed.”

“Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes is the best band that you never paid much attention to. This band has been around for years, played a number of the major festivals and had a small write-up in Rolling Stone. Success well deserved, and like many bands in the loosely defined jam band genre, success that didn't come overnight. One thing I like about jam bands (for lack of a better term), is that they seem to really earn their success, with hard work, heavy touring and Grade-A talent. But Johnny Sketch is far from a traditional jam band. For one thing, they incorporate an extensive horn section including baritone and tenor sax, trumpet and even flugelhorn. Throw in some funky bass, lightning guitar, virtuoso drums and even splashes of cello, and the result is a very different, eclectic style compared to the many guitar-centered acts in the genre. This band has its roots in New Orleans, and I'm going to spare you the clichés about greasy funk-laden down a DJ Shadow sample. ”