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"Johnny Miles is a new American folk hero. Well, maybe not new exactly – he's been making music his entire life – but new to the greater listening public who only recently discovered his talent...In 2004, he started his own label, TREE Records, and released his debut album, Awakening. The album was well-received, and shortly after, Miles became a regular on the Philly circuit. In 2007, he released his second album, Sign of the Times, which helped cement his reputation as one of the city's most promising young folk stars. Known for his jangly folk melodies and inspired lyrics, Miles is a master at joining together word and sound to form something greater. From the tinkering piano and mandolin on "Faces of the Wind" (in which Miles croons about "throwing away the world for the chance to build it back up") to the defiant rock guitar on "Gasoline" ("the whole thing is a lottery you won't hear on the radio"), each song resonates with passion and power.

excerpt from "Johnny Miles, New American Folk Hero, Live at the Tritone this Fri - Uwishunu Philly

““A singer-songwriter worth watching.””

Online Folk Festival

““Miles doesn’t try to be an old soul, I think he really has one.””


““It’s a gorgeous record when I think about where it has taken me, not only musically, but the photographs that flash in my mind from Johnny’s accomplished lyricism...To be affected by how he captures images, that’s really what great music is all about.””

The Musicologist

““It’s a quick scribble across the American landscape...The lyrics are commanding...has the hard-bitten self-awareness of a protest song as well as a hooky alt-country catchiness””

Philadelphia Weekly