Johnny Goudie / Press

"Veteran Austin musician Johhny Goudie returns with a CD that’s dreamy and symphonic, yet pop to the core..... But don’t mistake this for a nostalgic record. It’s brought up-to-date by its experimentation."

Cindy Royal - Texas Music Magazine

“He's back in town with his band The Little Champions and a new album titled El Payaso that, based on some myspace sampling, is an ambitious and fully realized album that sounds like chamber pop from another planet."”

The Houston Chronicle

"In a city of crunchy-funk jam bands, roots rockers, singer/songwriters and rebel country holdouts, Austin, Texas' Johnny Goudie is a sexy freak of nature.

hobart rowland - philadelphia weekly

“JOHNNY GOUDIE, Boy in a Box (F+M): Back on his own after a spell in Endochine, Goudie returns to the glossy, atmospheric rock of his Elektra days. By turns delicate, sarcastic, and infectious, Box displays Goudie's melodic talents in full bloom. -christopher gray - the austin chronicle”

"Boy in a Box" is johnny's first album as a solo artist. Goudie has an impecable ear for melody and instrumentation. Goudie is an acerbic wit whose lyrics simultaneously reflect a devilish sense of humor and a genuine emotional core.”

Jack Frink - The Austin Student