Johnny Astro and The Big Bang / Press

“The Big Bang and their beloved Johnny Astro aren't going anywhere. They're no longer one of the best up and coming bands in Knoxville. They've solidified a spot, in my mind, among the best we have to offer.”

“Johnny Astro and the Big Bang is a name that frequently comes up in discussions regarding the best acts in Knoxville. But if the word-of-mouth hype is hard for some to swallow, the band's top honors at The Square Room's months-long Sound Off competition should provide some credence. This week Johnny Astro will take the stage with Better Than Ezra at Sundown in the City, a remarkable feat for a band of 20- to 22-year-olds who have played together for only a year.”

“Striving for a sound it finds scarce throughout local performers, Johnny Astro and the Big Bang aims to offer an indie sound that blends old and new with hip-hop beats, simple pop bass lines, classic rock-toned guitar hooks and clear, decisive vocals. The cohesive blend of dynamic influences keeps Astro’s catalog from stagnating from track to track, combating the group’s primary fear of creating a niche for itself that would limit its future work.”

“Johnny Astro played a set that was both surprising and refreshing. Though the band consisted of four young University of Tennessee students, the complexity of their music and maturity of its lyrics made it crystal clear that these guys mirror old souls. Their songs are reminiscent of a time when music was a poor man’s therapist and an outlet through which one released his demons.”

“These guys have got it goin’ on, y’all.”