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"Johnno Casson's unashamed and gentle paen to his adopted home (This is Essex) comes as something of a shock. Yes the man behind the mask of quirky leftfield pop maverick Snippet is stepping out into the spotlight armed with little more than an acoustic guitar to make an album of stripped down, laid-back songs of heartfelt intensity.... It now stands proudly as the iconic closing track to Window Shopping which is is released by Folkwit Records this Autumn on October 8th"

"Whilst he's probably still better known for his Snippet persona, that could all be about to change for Colchester based singer-songwriter, Johnno Casson on the back of his debut album, "Window Shopping"

““As honest a collection of songs as you’ll ever find, and forged with a lot of love from a genuinely entertaining artist””

““He seems to effortlessly work in that  same environment as Ray Davies  and with equal (musical) success.  Battle Scars and Window Shopping  sit perfectly comfortably beside Waterloo Sunset and Autumn  Almanac””

Loop Withers - Loop Withers

““Like a grown up,mature,new narrative of Squeeze’s ‘Up the Junction’ set in East London and Colchester””